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   Chapter 86 No.86

Humanity By EJBowman Characters: 5001

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"Nǐ can go to bed now, " Melody informed him as she herself went headed off to her room.

"Wǎn'ān, " he said only to receive no reply.

Flick was not asleep when he entered their shared room. That was no surprise seeing as the downtowner rarely slept more than three hours a night.

"Hello, " Percy said happily as he began to undress – he was following Melody's instructions and going to bed.

"Did ya like the movie thingy?" Flick asked, his tone slightly agitated.

"Which film are you referring to? Truth Tellers or the film I watched with Melody. Unfortunately, I do not know what it is called."

"The horror thingy. What did ya think of it?"

Perseus smiled before sliding his night shirt on. He was unsure of how to answer.

"Apologies, I do not have an opinion on it."

"Why not?"

"I… do not know."

Flick, realising the Olympian simply could not form his own opinions like that, dropped the matter.

"Don'ta worry about it." He assured him. "But I'ma just wonderin' why you chose to stay and watch a horror movie."

"Miss Melody Sun requested for me to stay."

"Yeah, but I asked ye to come with me first."

"Miss Melody Sun –"

"You can just call her 'Mel'."

"Okay. I shall call her Mel when in your presence. Now, there is a hierarchy I adhere when I am given contradicting orders from separate beings. Lady Andromeda Sun purchased me and is my primary master and therefore her orders will overwrite any other orders I am given. If Lady Andromeda Sun ha

d. "That was too intrusive of a question."

"Remember the bad guy in the movie thing tonight?" Flick asked, ignoring the Olympian's apology.

"The antagonist in Truth Tellers?"

"No, the bad guy in the horror movie thing ya watched with Mel?"


"Well, I'va met a guy like that. My da… um, well, I was given to a baddie guy when I was a kid as, like, trade for druggy stuff. And this guy wanted me to do things. Things I didn'ta wanna do and said no to. So he tried to force me and I bit him." Flick swallowed uncomfortably. "He got supa angry and decided to hurt me which is why, err, he did this, " he explained while gesturing to his crotch which was actually covered by his pyjama bottoms, but Perseus understood.

"That seems like an irrational disciplining technique for dealing with disobedience, " the Olympian stated. He then noticed Flick's eyes were watery. "Flick, are you alright?"

The boy nodded.

"I haven't, err, please don'ta tell anybody else that story."

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