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   Chapter 85 No.85

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"So where were nǐ wǎnshàng?" she asked in a manner that implied she did not care.

Koris opened his mouth to blurt out the news, but then he hesitated. It was best to think over what he should do with his newly discovered information before he went around telling people. Was he to hold a press conference to reveal it, share it with the House of Oxen, both along with taking Olympus United to court or just revealing it in the final debate? He had to plan this carefully. People were not going to be happy if they had to give up their new servants without justified reason – Andromeda included.

I should reveal it in whatever makes Lord Jordanis look in the wrong. If I get this right his stash of Olympians is going to make him look terrible.

"Wǒ was just going to see Nikhita, " he said casually.

Andromeda looked at him suspiciously and raised an eyebrow. It was a weird time of night to go and hang out with friends. Unfortunately, she did not care enough to pester him for questions and instead got straight back to work.

Oh An, I can always rely on your negligence in our marriage to get me out of trouble, Koris thought as he undressed.

Once in bed, he worked off his tablet to organise a meeting with his campaign managers in the early morning to discuss what he should do with his newly retrieved new information. He would not discuss this in a meeting with the whole House of Oxen as there would be too many opposing viewpoints about what do with the information. Of course, the main viewpoint would be that Young's information did not have enough evidence to back it so he would just be shot down. Luckily, his campaign managers were a litt

orders like that.

The Olympian did the math in his head and came to the conclusions that Melody's instructions overruled Flick's. He sat back down. The downtowner clenched his fists and stormed into his room. He hated his 'sister', if he could really call her that.

"May I assume that this film is fictional?" Percy asked while his eyes were glued to the gore on-screen.

Melody turned to look at him. "What would you do if it wasn't?"

"I would be greatly concerned for that female's wellbeing, " he explained. Oddly enough, Melody noticed his shaky voice. The imagery appeared to make him very uncomfortable now that he was unsure whether or not it was real or fake. She had been told he did not have emotions like humans did so it was strange to get a reaction out of him.

"Was the other thing you were watching fake?" she asked.


"So is this."

He instantly reverted back to his normal self and watched the film with a passive expression. His usual default smile returned to his face regardless of what was playing out on the screen. The pair watched the remainder of the film.

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