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   Chapter 84 No.84

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He was having major doubts about this plan. It seemed like such a good idea until he got into the details of it. If Proteus was telling the truth and the Olympians were, in fact, humans with suppressed thoughts, then they were technically humans and it was a violation of human rights. He was not going to get any information out of Olympus United and they would most likely try to hinder him if he started to investigate. Even his own House would probably not back his plan.

Koris sighed deeply – why did everything have to be so difficult? That was the type of question Flick would ask. He resorted to these child-like questions when the universe seemed to be working against him. That was a clear sign that Young really was young like his surname suggested. It had been made clear to him many times that anyone in their triple digits saw the universe for what it really was: cruel and unforgiving. He was not there yet. Koris still believed that there was Hope at the bottom of Pandora's Box.

It is possible that I can convey this information during the final debate, he considered. I can really say whatever I want during it seeing as it's all improvised and my own House won't be able to regulate it. Yes, Lord Jordanis will certainly take me on about the issue, but nobody can stop me from getting into the grit of it and revealing the truth. I cannot mention Perseus or Nikhita, yet I can talk about what I know.

That was something he had forgotten about: how did Nikhita find Perseus? And, more importantly, why didn't she tell me about it in the first place? She knows she can trust me. We are the masters of keep

as nothing else on.

"Okay, " Young said while clapping his hands together. "I guess I'm off to bed. You two don't stay up late."

"Nighty night, " Flick said in a distracted manner. The main character was on the verge of telling another lie.

"Would you care to recommend a time that I should power down?" Perseus asked.

Koris raised an eyebrow. 'Powering down' was what robots did, not humans.

"Whenever this film finishes is fine."

"Thank you. Sleep well."

He smiled at both of them before retiring to his bedroom. To his surprise, Andromeda was not asleep either. She sat at her desk in her silk red pyjamas as she did work. She looked up when Koris slid the door shut, yet she did not smile – she rarely did when she was tired.

"Why does méiyǒu rén ever go to sleep at an appropriate time?" he asked in a joking manner. Andromeda did not laugh. He had no clue how much her team had fucked up and how much she had to fix.

"Bù tonight, Kor, " she growled.

Her husband put up his hands defensively.

"Sorry, " he said, although he didn't sound sincere.

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