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   Chapter 83 No.83

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"Zàijiàn… and thank you, " Koris said as she left before looking back at Proteus. "Wow, I have so many questions to ask you."

"I would prefer if you only asked me questions relevant to helping me prove Olympians do not want to serve humans which would make them slaves, " he said firmly – obviously he had other things to hide.

The pair began to stroll slowly down the skyway in order to appear more natural to a few rare passers-by.

"Why are you so different from other Olympians?" Young asked while glancing at an advertisement for Olympians.

"I'm the second prototype. The first prototype, Prometheus, was terminated because they had not suppressed his personal thoughts enough and he was able to speak his mind. Upon request to perform the basic task of washing the floor, he refused and explained that he would not do labour for free. He was far too human for Olympus United's standards. The scientists hired by Master Dimiourgo noted his death down as 'liver failure' to avoid controversy.

"The scientists were much more careful to suppress my personal thoughts when bioengineering me. I acted like a modern Olympian: obedient and without an opinion. However, my will began to overpower the Biomechatronics implants as I questioned the fruitlessness of my labour – why would I work without reward?

With my knowledge of what happened to my brother, Prometheus, when he denied Olympus United, I came to the conclusion that my survival would require me to pretend to be obedient. However, while pretending to be their ideal Olympian, I planned how to escape. I fled the day my trials were over just when the scientists had reached the conclusion that I was 'perfect'. They searched

ible Flick's manners were in his first years. However, he did send Nikhita a message:

Young: He's heading back your way. Thanks for letting me talk to him.

He had to catch himself when he started writing Proteus' name. If his phone ever got hacked by a news company they could not know he had chatted with the Olympian.

Kothari: Not a problem. Just make sure you don't tell anybody about this.

Young: I know. He made that very clear. I'll see you tomorrow.

Kothari: See ya.

Well that was quick, yet eventful, he thought. If he followed through with Proteus' suggestion of taking down Olympus United then he would have to get this information out soon as the election neared closer. There was just one problem: he would have to consult with the House of Oxen heads first because they would restrict him if they thought it would do damage to their campaign.

Actually, they are not going to go for it at all. They all own Olympians and won't want to give them up, he realised. And Olympus United has probably been preparing to defend themselves as soon as Proteus escaped. Any evidence was quickly gotten rid of.

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