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   Chapter 82 No.82

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The Earthling glanced at the camera closest to them. Their audio had probably been picked up, yet she doubted the Parliament House security team would care that Ghoad had accidently killed a downtowner. They most likely wouldn't have cared if she had intentionally killed a downtowner. Their priority was to keep an eye on illegal uptowner affairs that affected other downtowners – plus they probably didn't want to mess with an intimidating svellik.

* * *

Erik watched Proteus and Nikhita Kothari get ready to go somewhere even though the Earthling had only arrived home an hour before.

"Hood up, " Nikhita murmured to the Olympian before pulling his brown hood over his head. "Otherwise you stand out too much."

"Perhaps I should wear a disguise to look less conspicuous, " he suggested before adjusting his hood himself.

"I don't think that would hide you better. Even your posture makes you stand out."

The downtowner did not feel like he was in a position to ask where they were going. Nikhita had barely said two words two him since she had returned. Having only had one full conversation with her, he would be surprised if she decided to leave him home alone. Even leaving him alone with Proteus seemed a little too trusting.

"Are you hungry, Erik?" Nikhita asked.

"Uh, no."

"Good, because you won't be eating until I get back."


"Would you like me to turn on the television for you to watch?"

"No, I'm okay."

"Okay. If you get bored you can turn it on."

Proteus slid open the door to the garage and stood at the side as to allow Nikhita to walk through first.

"Be back in probably an hour, " she said before steppin

terrifying. The Marley Skyway had a metal skeleton that was more reassuring even if both skyways were equally durable.

"Howdy, " Nikhita Kothari said in a cheerful manner. Young sensed there was something off about her – she would never say 'howdy'.

"Hāi, " he replied casually.

She stepped to the side so that she was not between him and the Olympian.

"Proteus, this is Koris. Koris, this is Proteus."

"A pleasure to meet you, " the boy said while putting out his hand. His words contradicted his tone of voice which was very monotone and uninterested – he was definitely not a normal Olympian.

His face was slightly distorted by the light from the advertisement, yet Koris could see that Proteus was less androgynous than other Olympians – there was no mistaking that he was intended to be male. This also made bear a closer resemblance to his creator: Jude Dimiourgo. He also bore a less happy default expression that looked more agitated than anything. However, the electric blue eyes remained.

"I'll be waiting in the shuttle, " Nikhita said as she turned to leave. "You two play nice."

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