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   Chapter 81 No.81

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Tom's eyes followed svellik as she dropped him on the backseat of the Oxen Security shuttle before she took a seat in the front. It took her a while to start the shuttle up as she had not driven one in years.

She flew them out to where the hostel was before lowering the shuttle.

"You will be able to move in a few hourrrsss, " she said even though she knew he could not respond.

Once the svellik felt they were low enough, she opened the backdoor to the shuttle.

With no intent on landing the ship and risking downtowners trying to damage the ship, she instead picked up the downtowner and held him out of the shuttle. She didn't care that he was vulnerable while in his paralysed state. She just wanted to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the svellik overestimated what heights a paralysed human could be dropped from due to the fact her exoskeleton meant she could take a hard fall. The downtowner hit the ground with a splat followed by multiple cracking sounds. Perhaps twenty metres was too high for a human to fall from.

Ghoad was unfazed. Without thinking twice, she shut the door to the shuttle and flew back to the Parliament House, leaving the downtowner corpse to be ripped to shreds by body snatchers who had been in the area.

Lord Young was a little confused when Chief Kothari led him into the stairwell and then stopped. He did not feel comfortable being alone with her in an isolated area after the downtowner incident.

"Why did we come here?" he asked.

"Because of the lack of security cameras or

ey us like that. I'm ecstatic."

And then I can stick it to Lysander, he thought as he stepped into the elevator. Nikhita waved goodbye to him as the doors closed. She knew he had forgotten all about the interrogation of the downtowner. He would usually forget bad news if he was served enough good news.

A shadow slowly cast itself over her – Ghoad had returned.

"That was quick, " Nikhita noted.

"Yesss, " Ghoad agreed.

"Is Tom back downtown?"

"Yess, " the svellik repeated. "I drrropped him frrrom the ssshuttle and he died."

Nikhita raised an eyebrow, and yet seemed unfazed.

"How many times must I tell you that humans can't fall from the same height you can?" she said while laughing.

"I overrr essstimated human durrrability, " she admitted.

Nikhita gave her a pat on the arm, accidently puncturing her palm on the svellik's spiky exoskeleton.

"All good, " she said while rubbing her hands together. "We all make mistakes, but let's not tell Lord Young because he wigs out about that kind of stuff."

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