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   Chapter 80 No.80

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Still no answer. Unfortunately, that was just what Nikhita wanted. She glanced back at Ghoad and gave her a nod. The svellik then left the room without a word. Tom watched her go – why was she leaving?

"I need answers from you, Tommy. The question is who are you more afraid of: me or the person you called?"

Tom bit his lip. He was quite afraid of both. Despite the situation, he came to the conclusion he had to be more afraid of the person he called.

"Just tell me one thing: how important is this uptowner you called? A mere weapons provider or the full-on leader of this Rebellion shit?"

He still gave no answer. Anyone who worked with the Rebellion had been told to remain silent during interrogation. If he talked and survived the interrogation then he would certainly be murdered in the most violent manner. Uptowners, especially ones in government, were not cruel like downtowners so death at their hands would be better – or so he thought.

The insect-like creature returned and held out a syringe to Nikhita. Although it looked small in her black razor-sharp fingers, it still looked very menacing.

"Roll up your sleeve, " Nikhita said calmly as she strolled around to his side of the table.

Tom shook his head rapidly. He didn't want to be injected with that stuff – whatever it was.

"Roll up your sleeve or I jam it in your eye."

Realising that she probably was not joking, he complied. There was an odd tingling sensation in his arm the moment the fluid got injected into his body.

"You'll find that your body is going numb, " she explained as if she had r

you want, you can inject a tracking device into him so that we can always find him later if we need to."

She nodded, yet her expression was annoyed. Koris was disturbed by Nikhita's aggressiveness and cruelty. It was good to have her on his side – because she was too dangerous to have as an enemy.

"Ghoad, drop Tommy Boy off downtown, " Nikhita ordered while keeping her eyes on Koris.

"Shouldn't you cure him first?"

"Mapo doesn't have an antidote, it just fades in a few hours."

"He'll be vulnerable if we drop him downtown in that condition."

"Ghoad will sort all that out, " she said while putting a hand on his shoulder. "Right now we need to talk about some more pressing issues."

She led Koris out of the room and to the elevator while Ghoad picked up ragdoll-like downtowner and carried him to the garage on that level. Even though she could fly without a shuttle, she knew she had to take one with the Jhard in the sky or the downtowner would roast immediately and the politicians would witness it. No, she had to get him far away.

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