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"I don't think you understand how important it is to him to feel loved and wanted. Although it's not sexual for him, he really does enjoy being that close to someone. It's mental pleasure."

Koris sighed. "I'm not comfortable talking about Flick's sexual escapades. Besides, what does it have to do with him dying before the age of forty like you suggested he would?"

"I'd be surprised if he lived past twenty-five."


"Various reasons. My pseudoscientific suspicion is that the universe intentionally works to kill downtowners. Whether they live uptown or downtown, they always die."

"You can't just assume Flick will die!"

"Wanna bet? I bet you one-hundred yuan that Flick is dead before he turns twenty-five."

"How could you say such things?"

"How could you ignore such facts?"

"What facts? What the fuck are you talking about?"

Koris had gone into this conversation hoping he would get a row out of Lysander, but it was actually vice versa. He had been arrogant in thinking that he could make Lysander lose his temper while maintaining his own calm attitude.

Lysander inhaled more red smoke as he thought about the gashes he had seen on the downtowner's wrists.

"You really should pay more attention to him, then you'll see what I see, " he muttered. "I'm not suggesting he deserves to die. In fact, I think he's a charming boy. Unfortunately, the good die young, Young." He laughed at his own pun, b

qually shitty, save the people with all the power at the top. Socialism is capitalism and communism combined so that you can climb the success ladder, but if you fall there will be a safety net."

"I prefer to call your ladder metaphor 'capulism'. But, no, you really shouldn't aim to make such dramatic changes."

"If I win, I'll have ten years. That's a lot of time to make big changes so it's not all so sudden. My first intent is to get the Olympians to be protected under the Servants Union."

The older man let out a chuckle. "Servants Union, eh? Do you even know who started the Servants Union all those years ago?"

Koris shrugged. "Some downtowner called, err, I think 'Lucinda'."

Another laugh.

"Yes. If you know that, then you know how corrupt and inefficient the Union is."

"It's a start for making sure the Olympians aren't treated like slaves. Eventually, I'll make sure both them and the downtowners earn as much as uptowners."

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