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   Chapter 77 No.77

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"Shut up, Koris. It just sounds stupid."

The conversation was going nowhere with Lysander in such a bad mood. Koris could not, and would not, ask what was wrong with the other man. He would most likely not answer him or flat-out lie.

"I see you smoke the red ones now, " Koris noted aloud to change the topic.

Lysander exhaled the red smoke. He was living proof that dragons existed.

"Yes, " he agreed. "My son has upgraded to the orange cigarettes so I had to advance. I'll admit, these are much stronger than I had expected. Physically, my throat is on fire, yet mentally I feel… nothing."

"Is that what you want?"

"It's one of a few things, yes."

Lysander was alluding to something and probably wanted Koris to play in to his game and ask, but the younger man was not one for games and decided to ignore that fact entirely.

"Just a question: why did you name your son Princeton?"

Jordanis smiled, but it was a hollow expression.

"So that he could never be king."

"That's a great message to drill into your child's head to build their self-esteem, " he said in a sarcastic, almost agitated, manner of speaking. "Telling your child they can never be better than you, how lovely."

"I never said he can't be better than me, " the older man replied icily. "And in terms of self-esteem: it gets built back stronger every time it's broken. Better to break and make him now than to let it get to him later. He will hurt for a few years, yet he will be a humble and emotionally solid by the time he's forty."

"I see it going two ways: he'll either be emotionally distraught and depressed when he's forty or he'll be emotionless t

ou were young and it has scared you ever since – and gives me evidence to think you're homophobic."

"I am not homophobic, " Koris said in the strongest voice he could muster, but he was not willing to discuss the first few things Lysander had mentioned. "I completely support gay rights."

"You support the idea of it when your own family is not involved. It scares you when Flick is, God forbid, happy with another man – especially an older one. Don't freak out when he starts wearing women's clothes and calls himself 'Flicka'. He's probably also a bit gender confused."

"No, " Koris cautiously objected. He had to carefully construct his explanation so that Lysander could not twist his words and make him the bad guy. "I have no problem with transgender people and would support Flick if he chose that route. Hell, my dear assistant, Adina, is… ugh, never mind. Anyways; I'm afraid of Flick being taken sexually advantage of by a man – or a woman – because he doesn't have a sex drive and therefore cannot get pleasure from such acts and I'm worried someone like you will ignore that factor."

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