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   Chapter 76 No.76

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Lord Jordanis now had to hold a press conference due to the comments he made at the House of Dragon's meeting the previous evening. Koris did not know how his rival could turn it around after apparently stating that he "didn't care anymore about anyone this wretched planet". Although he was aware of his sadism, Young couldn't have been happier that his opponent had cracked.

"I will not deny that I made some insolent remarks yesterday, " Lord Jordanis explained as he stood at the podium. "However, I do wish to explain that I was not of right mind last night during the meeting due to personal issues that have since been resolved. What I said does not reflect my actual opinion of our fine city and planet."

Regardless of what he says, he doesn't get to come back from comments like that so close to the election day.

The press conference ended surprisingly quickly after Jordanis answered a few questions. He acted flustered even though he wore a nonchalant expression.

"āi, Mel, " Koris turned to face his daughter as she stepped out of her bedroom, "has Princeton shuō anything about tā de father acting strange?"

Melody ignored him and instead began making her breakfast. She refused to be her father's spy. Koris knew he was in the wrong to ask her that which is why he didn't push for an answer.

His phone buzzed in his shirt pocket. To his surprise, he had received message from Lysander.

Jordanis: Fancy lunch together at 12 today?

"Lysander wants to have wǔcān with wǒ, " he told Andromeda in a fearful manner. "Tā de up to something."

"Or he's a lonel

ird cup of filtered water which suggested he had gotten very little work done before the afternoon. His glasses were tinted so that was impossible to see his eyes.

"Nín h?o, " Lord Young said respectfully as he took a seat.

Although his eyes were hidden, he assumed Lysander was raising an eyebrow and squinting an eye judgementally.

"Hi, " he said in an almost mocking way. It was very clear that their time together was not going to be spent speaking in Mandarin.

"Why do you dislike the Mandarin language so much?" Koris asked. Their conversation was not going to be on any record so he could ask whatever he wanted.

Before answering, he took a red cigarette from the little silver case in his robe pocket and lit it. He's never smoked the red kind before, Koris thought. That shit is serious business.

"I just don't see the point in trying to uphold a culture we ran from in the first place. What are we trying to prove? It's like when Canadians speak French – it just doesn't suit their society."

"But Canada was settled by the Fr–"

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