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The boy was relieved when he was met a cool gust of air as Nikhita opened the door to the top of the building. Although he had spent much of his life outside when he lived downtown the air seemed so much fresher uptown – probably because it did not reek of faeces and rotting corpses.

"I come here a lot because the top of my own apartment building is off-limits, " Nikhita explained as she took a seat on a large duct and patted the spot next to her, gesturing for Erik to join her.

"Ya're an Earthy, right?" he asked when he took a seat.


"Does the Jhard thingy for Earth kill or can ya go outside when the Jhard is awake?"

"Well, the star Earth revolves around is called the Sun and it usually doesn't kill people. It's hot in a lot of places, but anyone can go out in the daytime without dying." She examined her hand. "That's why I have darker skin than you."

"The Sun thingy burned ya?"

"Kind of, but no. I doubt you know what ultraviolet radiation is and how skin colour changes to regulate it." Erik gave her an utterly confused look. "Let's put it this way: people who live in very sunny places develop darker skin so that they don't burn. The Jhard is too hot for us to go outside at daytime so Manticorians have very pale skin because they never get any sunlight."

Erik understood most of what she said, yet his natural bias would still assume that Nikhita was more valuable than other people due to her richer skin tone.

The Earthling flopped back so that she was lying on the duct. Erik followed her lead and allowed himself to rest. Staring

lding would have been laughable, but Nikhita was strong while most downtowners, like Erik, were barely more than a sack of bones so there was no doubt she could pick him up and thrown him.

"I justa mean, um, I woulda like to do the knocky thing, but you'ra too pretty for me."

It's just skin, Nikhita thought with a blasé expression. Get the fuck over it.

Erik gasped as she removed her jacket. She was wearing a navy short sleeve shirt underneath with a V-neckline that revealed more of her skin.

Racist or skin fetish? she questioned.

"I'll ask again; do you feel like knocking?"

The downtowner nodded enthusiastically and hopped off the duct to join her. In that moment he forgot all about Cal, Mama and Mark. His mind resorted to a primitive desire for sex.


Lord Koris Young woke up to the oddest information: his rival had lost some public approval due to comments he made during a meeting that were leaked to the media.

"Mǒu wù wrong with tā, " Andromeda stated in a concerned manner as they watched the news together.

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