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   Chapter 74 No.74

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Nikhita understood that that job sounded horrible to Erik and decided to give him hope: "Well, if Lord Young wins the election his first act of business will be to get the Olympians protected by the Servants Union which means people will have to pay them like Lord Jordanis paid you. So if that happens, we may find downtowners and Olympians coinciding in the work place."

The boy nodded happily – he was more easily convinced than his brother had been. There was a chance that he could get a job, but what would it be like without Mark looking out for him? That was a weird thought. Being as alone as he was terrified him and suddenly crushed his hope.

"Do you want to talk about what happened to whoever Lord Jordanis was referring to over the phone?" Nikhita asked as she watched the downtowner's expression repeatedly change. "It might be nice to talk it out."

Erik did not answer until they chose a road to go down at the fork in the skyway. Nikhita appeared to be leading him towards a bland grey building with the words KING CO. in bright letters on it and then the Mandarin translation underneath.

"The lady who made my neck all bleedy killed my brother, " he said solemnly.

"Did you kill the woman?"

"Uh huh."


That response surprised him. Nikhita kept revealing her darker side and it made him uneasy. She didn't seem to have the intent to hurt him, but he feared what she would do if he crossed her.

"What was your brother's name?"

"Err, Mark."

She had heard him say that name earlier when he referred to his brother as 'Marky'. There was also a good chance she had heard Lysander mentio

on's job to know this stuff, not hers.

"Oh, lucky us, " the Earthling exclaimed when she realised the door to the building was open. "There are probably cleaners in there and maybe a security guard, but they won't mind us."

The tinted windows of the building looked directly at the Parliament House which was about a kilometre away. Erik gazed at the strange upside-down pyramid with moderate awe. From downtown he could see the Parliament House's base plus the building's shadows over the rest of the city and from Jordanis' estate he could see the top of it, yet he had never seen all of it at once.

The pair took the stairs to the top of the building rather than the elevator which had been switched off. If Erik hated anything, it was flights of stairs. He could handle one or two sets of stairs, but eight was ridiculous.

"You got to exercise more, buddy, " Nikhita laughed. Years of being in the Oxen Security force meant staircases would not make her break a sweat. Her heart rate had barely elevated while Erik felt like his heart was about to burst through his chest.

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