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   Chapter 73 No.73

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During his daytime nap Erik had a frightful dream. He was back in Mama's empty apartment with the ceiling that was a black hole leading to the oblivion. Mark lay below him, his face horror-struck as his brother raised the jagged rock and smashed it down onto his head. There was a cracking sound as Mark's skull split. He died with the first blow, yet Erik continued to bash his brother's head in. Eventually, his brother's face was completely gone and the deranged version of Erik stopped. They were both motionless for a moment before Mark's corpse reached up and grabbed Erik around the neck.

The downtowner jolted awake with a scream. Of course, his screaming did not subside when a firm hand landed on his shoulder and electric eyes stared him down. He cried something in his native language and tried to move away from the Olympian before Nikhita opened the door.

"Erik?" she looked quite on-edge because she had partly expected that her little downtowner friend had gone mad and tried to kill her Olympian.

"I believe he suffered a nightmare, " Proteus explained after the boy stopped screaming. He then looked back to Erik. "I do not recognize the language you were speaking. It is not an official language of Manticore. What language is it?"

"Not the time, Proteus." Nikhita sighed. "Why don't you go start dinner while I chat with Erik?"

It's already dinner time, Erik thought. I slept for the whole day.

The Earthling took a seat on Proteus' bed across from Erik. He was relieved that she didn't look annoyed and looked more or less concerned. He found it interesting that she could change between sadistically cocky a

ita requesting that he do the dishes? If all Olympians were like that then they were a horrible replacement for the downtowners.

"Do ya know what kinda job thingy I can get?" Erik asked the Earthling as they walked through the transparent skyway. "'cause I thinka the yellow-haired boy thingies kinda have all the jobs now."

Nikhita sneered.

"That's a good question. I can only think of one job right now that the Olympians cannot do… and I'm not sure if you'd like it."

"What'sa that?"

"Well, did Lord Jordanis ever knock you? Imagine that except every day and only getting paid for that."

Erik intertwined his fingers – a gesture he often did when he felt uncomfortable. He didn't want that job. Giving himself to Lysander had been fine as it had only happened four times and that man knew how to make it less awkward and more pleasurable for the both of them. Sex was fine Erik, yet the situation Nikhita was explaining sounded more like what had happened to Mark with his original master which had damaged his brother's self-esteem and sent him spiralling into depression.

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