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   Chapter 72 No.72

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Erik was having trouble with the blond man's request. The stinging sensation made his head instinctively jerk and that fact his neck was a ticklish area did not help. He could sense the Olympian's strength as he firmly dabbed the wounds. The man could snap his neck, yet there was such precision in his movement that it was clear he had complete control over strength.

"Those are very nasty wounds, " Nikhita said in a concerned manner. "The area around the punctures is pretty inflamed and you've got some bruises that suggest this was a disturbing attempt at strangling. Am I right? Did someone try to strangle you?"

Erik had to think for a moment. He did not know what strangled meant. He knew its synonym, 'choke', and assumed Nikhita was referring to that.

"Um, a nǚ, err, girl choked me and her nail thingies were sharp."

"What was her outcome in this fight?" Proteus asked.

"Uh… I dunno."

Proteus stopped treating his wounds for a moment.

"You are lying to me, why?"


Nikhita understood the implications: "Leave it, Proteus. It's none of our business."

The Olympian gave her a semi-annoyed look. He seemed quite resistant to taking orders for a person designed to be a servant.

"It would be wise for me to inspect his body for other injuries, " the Olympian suggested while covering the neck wounds with artificial skin patches.

The downtowner shook his head. "I'ma not hurt anywhere else."

"I would advise a second opinion on that."

"Sounds good, " Nikhita agreed while standing up. "You do that while I give Lysander a call. Firs


"I do not understand your desire to lie."

"Proteus, " Nikhita hissed. "Drop it." She then glanced at Erik. "I think he may just need some rest. Erik, do you want to go to sleep for a bit?"

"Uh huh, " he quickly replied. He wanted nothing more in the world at that moment.

Proteus and Nikhita watched Erik get up and quickly stride into his new bedroom. He heard them start talking quietly with each other as soon as he closed the door, yet he was not nosey enough to wonder what they were talking about. He had had quite a lot of energy since he got off the shuttle with Mark, but as soon as Nikhita mentioned sleep he felt exhausted.

He'd spent the last two nights sleeping on a floor, so even the thin mattress of the pull-out bed felt as soft as a marshmallow. The downtowner made no attempt to remove his shoes or vest – he was asleep as soon as he hit the pillow. Nevertheless, his mind was full of anxiety which affected his dreams. Erik in recent years had not had many nightmares and that was because he was a slight sleeper.

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