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   Chapter 71 No.71

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He's an Olympian, Erik realised. I lost my job because of his kind.

"Good morning, Chief Kothari, " the Olympian said placidly. "May I ask who your accompanier is?"

Nikhita did not reply right away. She instead took off her belt, which held her gun among other things, and chucked into onto her kitchen counter.

"Erik, this is Proteus. Proteus, this is Erik, " Nikhita said while checking updates from Ghoad on her phone.

The Olympian stood up and stepped around the couch. He was not wearing the uniform Erik had seen the other Olympians wearing when they arrived at Lysander's estate. He was instead wearing a brown hooded jacket and black jeans – clothing so casual that he looked unnatural in it.

"Ya bought an Olympian thingy, " Erik noted aloud.

"No, " Proteus stated in a defensive manner – which was something a normal Olympian would not do even if Erik didn't know it.

"Well, not really, " Nikhita agreed. "Proteus is in a situation more like yours than anything else. "He's staying here because he needs a place to stay. I don't own him."

Why would an Olympian need a place to stay? Erik thought, but did not ask.

"He's going to share a room with you, " she explained to Proteus.


"It's complicated, I'll explain later." She then turned to the downtowner. "Erik, have Proteus show you your room and then I would recommend you take a shower."

You smell like a corpse, Nikhita thought, noting the blood on the boy.

"Perhaps he requires medical assistance, " the Olympian stated. "His wounds are susceptible to infection."

Nikhita took a closer look at the boy. Sure enough, he had gruesome scars on h

anymore. Instead, he was a bodiless force just witnessing everything happen to a different person.

Mark and Cal are dead, Mama has vanished and Knave won't even talk to me.

Erik's tears were lost in the grey water as his defensive mental barriers and adrenaline finally melted away. He didn't understand why everything had changed so quickly. Why did everyone have to die?

Outside in the main room, Proteus' sensitive hearing instantly picked up on the fact that Erik was crying. He turned to Nikhita who was on the couch next to him doing her work on her tablet.

"The downtowner appears to be crying, should we console him?"

Nikhita shook her head, but did not look up.

"No, " she said impassively. "He'll be fine."

"Please stop moving your head, " Proteus requested as he dabbed the antibacterial ointment with a cloth onto Erik's neck. There was something so icy about the Olympian's voice that it unnerved the downtowner. Had he encountered any other Olympians he would know that Olympians default was to smile and speak enthusiastically – that was not the case with Proteus.

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