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   Chapter 70 No.70

Humanity By EJBowman Characters: 5261

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"You worked for Lord Jordanis, didn't you?"

Erik cleared his throat. "Uh, yé, err, yeah."

She smiled, but it did not seem sincere.

"Yeah, I remember you from the party. I'm Nikhita Kothari. What's your name, kid?"

He had a mind blank. What was his name?

"Err, Erik. Yeah, Erik."

Nikhita raised an eyebrow before she spoke again: "What are you doing down here? Oh, did Lord Jordanis replace you with Olympians?"

Before he could answer Ghoad joined them. She had thrown the downtowner into a shuttle, but chose to fly with her own set of wings.

"Will that be all, Niki?" she asked.

The Earthling turned the svellik around so their backs were to the downtowner. They discussed something inaudibly before Nikhita laughed and said goodbye to Ghoad. This situation made Erik feel the most uneasy even though he didn't seem to be in any apparent danger.

"So Erik, " Nikhita began when the svellik was gone, "is this hostel where you're staying at the moment?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, I don't think this place is very safe for kid like you. Would you like a better place to stay until you can find another job?"

The boy was stunned. He had not even considered getting another uptowner job, but why would this woman he barely knew offer him a place to stay?

"Eh?" he mumbled in confusion. He thought there was a good chance he had misheard her.

"I have a two bedroom apartment. You can stay in my extra room if you would like, you know, until you can find another job."

The downtowner was unsure of how to answer. He wanted to say yes, but he wou

was disturbed by how casual she was acting about the situation.

It was only a matter of minutes before the garage door to Nikhita's apartment was closing behind them. Once it was safe to leave the shuttle – the Jhard was now rising in the sky so the light could burn them – Nikhita hopped out and gestured for Erik to do the same. It was strange; she hadn't said a word to him since he entered the shuttle. This was different to when he first arrived at Jordanis' estate and Lysander would not shut up about protocols.

"Now is probably a good time to tell you that you will have a roommate, " she warned him when they reached the door between the garage and her main room. "You're cool with that, right?"

The boy nodded. He'd never had his own room so he had almost been anticipating having a roommate even though Nikhita had stated she had two bedrooms.

There was a male sitting stiffly on the couch in the main room. He turned his head the instant the door opened to stare at Nikhita and Erik with his unnaturally electric blue eyes.

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