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   Chapter 69 No.69

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His body jolted when a loud bang came from the corridor followed by a woman's scream and the thud of a body hitting the floor. Again, the man in front of Erik seemed unfazed. He was obviously quite used to this.

"Hands behind your head, " he commanded. Erik did so. "Now, come towards me."

He's an uptowner, Erik realised. That explained why he had a gun, but what was an uptowner doing in a rundown hostel?

There was a fresh corpse on the ground that Erik had to step over in order to follow the group of uptowners. They appeared to be the one resistor of the uptowner group seeing as everyone had gotten the message after they shot him dead.

Erik was almost relieved that it was uptowners causing the commotion. They were all wearing black and blue uniforms which suggested that they were some sort of professional organisation and hopefully they didn't intend to kill all the downtowners. It would be amazing if this was all just a bureaucratic dispute that would be resolved with paperwork rather than guns. Erik had worked uptown long enough to understand that uptowners generally tried to avoid intentionally killing people unless they were a major threat – and he certainly was no threat.

He was the only one who seemed calm out of the downtowners. Most of them had never encountered uptowners and had only grown up hearing disturbing stories about them. They were all positive that they were going to be killed even if they didn't know the reasoning behind it.

Their nerves certainly did not ease up when the svellik joined them on the first floor. Most of them gasped or became paralysed with fear. However, Erik did not fear the svellik like most other human beings. It was probably because th

Even if any of the downtowners knew anything, they were too afraid to speak. Nikhita guessed that this would be the case, but they got the man they wanted so it didn't matter.

"Alright." She sighed. "Then get up and go back into the hostel. It's all over now."

None of the downtowners moved until the Oxen Security guards forced them up and shoved them in the direction of the hostel at which point they quickly scurried away. Erik stood up as well and began to head for the hostel.

"Hey, " Nikhita said behind him. "You, in the red vest."

Knowing the she was referring to him, Erik cautiously turned around. Once she had his attention she passed the downtowner to the svellik and another security member.

"Ghoad, take him to level seventy-three and put him in a cell. We'll deal with him tomorrow, " she told them.

"Yesss, Chief, " the svellik replied before dragging the stunned downtowner to a shuttle.

Erik looked around awkwardly, not sure what to do. Being in the presence of the House of Oxen Security was intimidating, yet Nikhita seemed calm and non-threatening. She took a step closer to get a better look at him.

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