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   Chapter 68 No.68

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This isn't mine to read, he told himself when he decided to tear the note into two pieces and let the bits float to the floor. He wasn't sure if Mark had ever read the note if Lord Jordanis had secretly slipped it into the bag. Erik hadn't seen his brother open the bag once so he had to assume that he hadn't been able to.

He considered what kind of things the letter said, yet thinking about that made him think about Mark so he tried to direct his mind down a different path. He was not in the headspace to deal with what had happened yet.

To take his mind of the note to Mark, he grabbed a small apple out of the bag and thought about that instead. Grown in Lysander's conservatory, it was soft and bruised, but still looked edible which was all that really mattered. While eating, he couldn't control his thoughts as he wondered what he was going to do about eating once he ran out of food in the bag Lysander had given Mark. Since his time with Mama he had not eaten another human being, but his life before Mama was another story which he chose to forget.

Wait. What did I eat at Mama's apartment if I didn't eat people?

They had eaten almost every day, and yet he had no clue what they'd been devouring. He had certainly never asked Mama. Maybe they had eaten people – what else was there to eat downtown? It was almost literally a dog-eat-dog world.

And he had thought he was pure until he had killed that madwoman. No, he had always been a true downtowner.

I should not be thinking like this right now, he reminded himself. Just get a good night's sleep and you can worry about everything tomorrow.

Erik had extreme difficulty falling to sleep. Every sound woke him u

ge group of attackers which probably meant they weren't body snatchers who usually travelled in twos or threes.

They were alarmingly close to his door now. How he prayed they would not see him. He froze when he heard his door jiggling as the person on the other side tried to get it open. That was when he remembered that he had jammed his shoe under the door. That was not going to keep them out, but it would probably give them the hint that somebody was in there.

The door slid all the way open when the person applied more force. In the archway stood a masculine figure silhouetted by the green light behind them. Erik squinted when their flashlight was aimed directly at his eyes – his attempt at hiding had failed miserably.

"Stand up, " the man demanded mundanely. Apparently the chaos his group had created had no impact on him whatsoever.

Erik figured that complying was the best option. The man had a large gun and friends with equally big guns while he only had a sword. Trying to attack was futile. He instead slid the handle into his pant pocket and threw his black bag over his shoulder as he stood up.

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