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   Chapter 66 No.66

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He sneered when he turned to look down both sides of the alleyway. The madwoman had done a number on his neck. He assumed that she had left a few scratches, but because he did not have a mirror, he didn'tt realise that his neck was blood-stained with dark bruises from where she had gotten a firm hold on him.

I don't want to encounter anyone else like her, he thought as he rubbed his neck.

By the time he reached the hostel after an uneventful journey he was completely sweaty again. Looking up past the uptown skyways he could see that the Jhard was getting higher in the sky, but its heat could be felt at any time of the day.

To Erik's luck, the hostel appeared to still be open and looked as rugged as ever. He knew that the hostel probably had some protection from some body snatcher groups. There was a strong chance they had a deal that the groups could steal some of their guests, and yet it was still one of the safer downtown locations.

Erik's stomach became restless as he neared the hostel. He hoped he was not in for another madwoman situation like the day before. When he opened the doors his stomach eased slightly. There were multiple downtowners in the lobby area of the hostel. They were either reading the news notice board or in the line to use the phone – none of them looked like they were about to try and kill him. To his own surprise, they were all giving him suspicious looks seeing as he was the one with new bruises on his neck and a bloody sword.

I don't care what they think. I'm not putting my sword away, he thought while avoiding eye contact. Most of them are probably carrying hidden weapons so the

her anything about that. He had for more important things to discuss with her.

"Hāi?" a soft woman's voice said cautiously after a few seconds of silence. How Erik wished this phone had a camera so he could see Knave's face.

He laughed out of relief before taking a deep breath.

"Knave, is thata nǐ?"

"Yah, and thisa be Erik?"

"Uh huh." He laughed again. "Yeah, it'sa wǒ."

"This's so fēng. How are nǐ? How'sa Marky… and where are nǐ calling from? Nat told wǒ that nǐ were callin' from a downtown numba."

Erik bit his lip. He was not sure how to break all the news to Knave.

"Uh, yeah, wǒ am."

"Wèi shé?" Now Knave sounded worried. "Didn't ya work at Lysanda's?"

"Yé, but wǒmen got booted 'cause he bought some new blond thingies to replace wǒmen."

Knave gasped. "Oh, Erik. What are nǐ gonna do? Is Marky with nǐ? Can wǒ talky to tā?"

"Uh, méiyǒu." He glanced back at the line to see how intently everyone was listening to his conversation. Most of the downtowners were lost in their own thoughts, and yet some were staring directly at him. "No, Mark'sa dead."

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