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   Chapter 65 No.65

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"It'sss alrrright, " a low, yet soft voice whispered. "You'rrre sssafe."

He was very confused by the woman's speech pattern. He spoke very little of the common languages and could tell English was foreign to her tongue as well.

Kneeling down next to him, he was able to get a clear look at her face. At first he thought she was human, but now he was not so sure. He had never seen anyone who looked like her. Her joints almost stuck out of her crusty grey skin. She was appeared to be very thin, and not yet weak in any manner. Her body was just naturally thin. Her face was equally intriguing. Her warm voice didn't match her pitch black eyes and wrinkled face. He had never met anyone who looked as old as her – downtowners did not live past thirty in most cases.

"Hello, Errrik, " she said. "My name isss Mama."

The boy was confused. How did she know his name?

"Errrik isss yourrr name, corrrrrrect?" Mama asked upon seeing his confused expression. "I hearrrd that name being called out. Wasss sssomeone looking forrr you?"

While nodding slowly, he twitched his cheek to see if there was still a bruise from where had been brutally struck.

"And you do not want to be found by that perrrssson?"

He nodded again, tears welling up in his eyes.

Despite her strange appearance, fear and confusion seemed to melt away when she stroked his hair.

"You'rrre sssafe now."

The other two children appeared in the doorway. The little girl was tucked behind the older boy as if he was protecting her, but both had reassuring smiles.

"I'll prrrotect you, " Mama promised him as he drifted back to sleep. He

counter. Certainly someone had to raise her because a child could not survive down here on their own. Maybe she had a Mama-like person in her life. Maybe she's what I will become now that nobody is around to help me keep my sanity.

Erik dreaded the idea of becoming a madman just like most other downtowners. Mama had tried to protect him from that life, but after killing once, he knew he could do it again if he had to. That was probably why Mark was dead and he was alive – Mark could never kill another person and therefore he was unfit for downtown.

The Jhard had not peaked above the canyon yet so Erik would be able to travel in the streets. Then again, other downtowners would also be able to travel in the streets so he had to be extra cautious.

The path to the hostel was fuzzy in his mind. Mama had shown him the directions as the hostel hosted the only news notice board on northern side of downtown. She took him there first when Mark needed to know where to go to apply for being a servant and then she took Erik there when it was his turn to become a servant.

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