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   Chapter 64 No.64

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He put his finger to his lips to tell Erik to be quiet as he crept towards the bedroom door. The younger brother tried to follow, but Mark put his hand up and shook his head. Erik didn't have a weapon, so if anyone dangerous was on the other side of the door he wanted Erik to be out of the danger and able to get away.

We should really just leave, Mark thought when he put his ear to the door to listen. I know Mama is not in there… and do I really want to meet whoever is in there?

Unfortunately, curiosity got the better of him and he put his hand on the handle. He exchanged one last look with Erik. His brother had gotten the hint that what they were doing was dangerous and leaned against the wall in the opposite corner.

Please be Mama, was his last thought as he jerked open the door. That was his last rational thought ever.

Erik's heart nearly jumped out of his chest when an animalistic battle cry filled the apartment as a woman, roughly his age, pounced on Mark as soon as the door opened. Mark was obviously in equal shock and unable to defend himself. The deranged woman crashed with him onto the floor before raising what appeared to be a large sharp rock. Erik cried something in his native tongue as she used all her might to bludgeon his brother's head.

The women, lost in her own world, did not hear Erik's shrieking and only became aware of him when he tackled her off his brother. In his rage, he smashed her head against the floor before punching her twice. Unlike Erik and Mark, she was not easily stunned and instantly started to fight back. Her long nails dug into his neck, drawing blood. Erik grunted out

om in which he could only make out the outlines of certain objects such as the doorframe. He had no clue how he got away from the gang of murderous urchins in the alleyway to this strange room. Scared and confused, he began to cry – was he dead?

He turned his head when he heard the door slide open. A yellow light seeped in from a lamp in the other room which formed the silhouette of a small figure peering through the door. When his eyes adjusted he saw it was a little girl. Her frizzy black hair sprang out in all directions and she appeared to be missing a hand, but it was her face that caught his attention. He had never seen someone with such a happy expression. She beamed with joy.

"Mama, " she called back, "tā'sa awakey."

She then moved away from the door and skipped back into the other room. He saw her take a seat on the ground next to an older boy who had a less cheerful expression – this confirmed he had not woken up in a strange world where everyone was happy.

A tall skeleton-like figure blocked the light from the doorway briefly and he suddenly grew fearful.

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