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   Chapter 63 No.63

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Mark held his breath when they turned into the alleyway which Mama's apartment was on. It was dead quiet, and that was a good thing. Mama had chosen a very isolated and well-hidden alleyway to live on which gave him hope that her house had never been found.

Erik could not contain his excitement and jogged down the street while Mark kept his pace at a stride. The short sword Lord Jordanis had given him was still in his hand with the blade erect – ready for any surprises.

He noticed more pamphlets with Lord Young's face on them scattered across the ground. He assumed that shuttles had dropped the pamphlets and let them rain down instead of actually sending people downtown to hand the pamphlets out which would put them at risk of being killed

"Careful of light patch thingies, " he called out. He remembered there were a few spots that the Jhard could reach at certain times of day. Erik, being oblivious to these sorts of things, had once burned his shoulder when he ran into one.

He caught up to Erik who was waiting for him at the bottom of the creaky black staircase that led to the level Mama's apartment was on.

"Let wǒ go first, " he warned Erik, gesturing to his short sword.

Erik was going to have a hard time with that. He wanted to rush straight up the stairs and into her apartment. However, he understood that Mark wanted to be cautious. Now he understood why he had given up living with Jordanis so that he could go downtown with him – Erik certainly needed protecting.

Mark crept slowly up the stairs. This was because of the fact he was not sure that the stairs could hold him and Erik's weight now that they had grown up ra

some new scratches along the walls.

It's as if we never lived here, Mark thought.

"Are nǐ sure this wasa wǒmen de jiā?" Erik asked. He had obviously had the same thought.

"Yé. It has to be."

"What happened?"

"Wǒ dunno."

Mark ran his hand along the wall as he pondered. Had Mama's apartment been raided? Was she killed in the raid and taken by body snatchers? If that was the case, then why was there no blood on the ground? Why were the murals the children had done missing as well? Why would people remove them?

She vanished and took everything with her, he concluded.

"Nǐ bù tā's dead, do ya?" Erik asked in a voice that reminded Mark of a small child.

He didn't give his younger brother an answer. With all the terrible things that could happen to her downtown he almost hoped she had died and was not suffering.

His hand clenched around the short sword handle when a thud came from behind the door that used to lead to their bedroom. The two brothers had very different ideas about what the sound came from. Erik thought it was Mama while Mark suspected it anyone but Mama.

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