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   Chapter 62 No.62

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Interesting, Mark noted. I do not recall downtowners ever voting in the elections. I wonder how it'll go down. There will probably be riots and death if I know my kind.

And with that, he dropped the pamphlet on the ground and left the image of Koris to be consumed by blood.

To avoid the sunlight at the end of the alleyway they were standing in, the boys climbed through a window opposite the one they had just climbed out of.

Erik ran his fingers through his hair. He felt sticky as his fringe clung to his forehead. Like Mark, he could not remember what life was like without taking regular showers. Back when they were kids at Mama's, they got to take a bath around once a month in a large metal bucket. He had to share his bath with Mark while Knave took a separate one with their used bath water – Mama understood it was not wise to tempt Erik seeing has he had an obvious attraction to the girl.

"So, " Mark began cautiously, "do nǐ wanna have a talky or something?"

Erik remained silent for moment. He, like Mark, was not exactly sure what they needed to discuss in order to clear the air.

"Did wǒ annoy nǐ because I stayed with Lysanda last yè? I'ma, chuàng, Eriky, but tā would not have given me this wǔqì had wǒ bù stayed with him last night, ya know?"

Erik sighed.

"Yé, but's not just about the last night thingy. It seems lika nǐ always chose Lysanda over everyone else. Tā bù even a nice guy, Mark. He was mean to all of wǒmen, even nǐ, but nǐ still liked him. I don'ta understand that. Wh

t to tā."

Had their shuttle landed during the night, half an hour could have been taken off their journey as they would not have had to plan a route devoid of sunlight. Despite the fact their journey was almost entirely on flat ground, Mark and Erik were sweating uncontrollably.

"Wǒ hopes Mama lets wǒmen use some wata to take a bath with, " Erik joked. "I forgot how smelly wǒmen used to be downtown."

Mark smirked half-heartedly. He could not get the sick feeling out of his stomach that something had happened to Mama. Downtown was cruel. What if people had raided her home and killed her… or worse? He thought of the deep scars on his back and the remnants of what used to be his nipples – he knew death was not the worst thing that could happen to a person.

"Let'sa just see how it goes, hǎo?" Mark said hesitantly.

Erik gave his brother a look of confusion. Being the younger sibling, he never even thought about different outcomes to the one he expected – he left Mark to be the fearful one.

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