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   Chapter 61 No.61

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An odd thought struck him: Knave must have turned sixteen very recently. I forgot to call her and congratulate her.

It had been quite a few years since he had seen Knave. At least four, almost closer to five. He hadn't seen Mama for about the same amount of time because he hadn't gone back to Mama's house after leaving his first job. He had simply flown straight from his previous workplace to Lord Jordanis' estate after Erik had been accepted to work there as well. He had spoken to Knave a few times, but Mama's apartment did not have a communication device so the first time was when she went to work at McCarthy's eight months back.

I have not seen Knave since she was a child, he thought. Maybe once we settle back into Mama's apartment we can go visit her or at least find a phone so we can call her.

The hissing sound from the door caused him to remember where he was again and he quickly grabbed Erik's arm and dragged him towards the exit. Erik did not seem happy to be manhandled and tried to remove his arm from his brother's firm grip.

"Wǒmen hava to move, xiànshí."

"We'ra fine, Mark!"

His brother ignored him and continued to drag him away from the shuttle.

"Hé are ya acting so fēng?" Erik growled. "We'ra safe right now. Wǒmen know thesa people. Tāmen are our friends."

"No, " Mark shook his head violently. "Bù anymore. Theya be fēng now. All of tāmen. Wǒmen have to get away."

"Let go!"

Erik gave one hard tug and pulled himself free of his brother's grasp, causing him to fall onto the broken pavement. Mark broke out of his panicky state and quickly went to his brother's side. He was about to apologise when both of them looked back as the shuttle took off. It was gone as qui

om last night.

Erik did seem to have a better understanding now. Unfortunately, he did not appear any less frustrated. Mark made the wise decision to talk to him about it in greater detail once they could no longer hear the people talking.

To avoid coming into contact with the unknown group, the boys climbed out a broken window into the alleyway. The older brother sliced his hand while climbing out the window, and yet he figured this minor injury was better than the ones he could sustain in a scrap with the group of downtowners.

There was a crumpling sound under his foot as he landed on the other side of the window. He looked down and was surprised to see that he was stepping on part of Lord Koris Young's face. Without thinking, he picked the picture up with his injured hand and accidentally stained it with blood in the process. It was a pamphlet promoting Lord Young for chairman with half written in Mandarin and the other half written in English – Koris was obviously aware of how downtowners from this area spoke. He looked at the back page and found a small map with the location of the voting machines on their side on it.

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