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   Chapter 60 No.60

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The tinted glass wall between the two hangars showed the doors to the other hangar slowly opening. Two premium silver shuttles zipped in and landed. Lord Jordanis entered once those hangar doors had closed again and it was safe to stand in the hangar. Mark wondered what was more important than saying goodbye to his downtowner servants even though they were just in the other hangar. The glass was crystal clear on both sides, but Lysander still did not glance over once.

The downtowners were now being boarded by the hired chauffeurs, and yet the servants moved at a leisurely pace because they wanted to see what the shuttles in the other hanger held.

"Lái ba, " the chauffer said in an irritated manner as he hustled Erik into the shuttle.

Mark followed right after. Both brothers went immediately for one of the small windows in the shuttle. Mark snarled when he saw the passengers leave the silver shuttles. The Olympians had just been delivered.

Lysander would rather meet his new servants than say goodbye to us. I was wrong. He really doesn't care about anyone else. It's always about him.

As the shuttles left the hanger and started flying back towards Manticore Metropolis, Mark looked back to get one last look at Jordanis' estate. Everything felt surreal. He simply could not remember what it was like to live in constant fear of being attacked rather than making a living in an estate he had never realised was so beautiful.

We just have to find Mama. Then everything will be alright.

"Wǒ wonda ifa Knave yǒu heard about the Olympians stealing wǒmen de jobs, " he pondered out loud. He knew speaking about Knave would get Erik's attention.

Erik responded with a hollow shrug and continued to stare

wners were stronger, more resistant. He had to put effort into convincing them or at least give them a worthy bonus to knock them, but with you… you probably would have let him knock you even if he had not given you bonuses.

Mark began to question why he was so critical of himself in his mind. His optimistic side could never win against his rational one.

He snapped out of his trance when his chair vibrated. The shuttle had landed. He had been so focused on a mind war that he had not even been aware of the final seconds of their decline.

The shuttle was parked in a vacant street. They had probably flown out at daytime because they knew less downtowners would be out roaming and it would therefore be safer. The main problem was remembering how to navigate his way to Mama's apartment in the shadows to avoid the Jhard. He knew from memory that they would have to travel through some dangerous buildings. He remembered being guided through these places by Mama, even when he was still sixteen – the age most considered to be the start of adulthood seeing as their lives were so short – and she made him feel safe even if she was quite old.

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