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Mark replied with a simple nod and waited for Lysander to continue his explanation.

Jordanis paused when he found what he was looking for and admired it. Chuckling, he pulled out a little black phallic-like object with oval hole in the top of it.

"I haven't seen this in a while."

"What's it?"

Without answering, he slid his thumb across a switch on the side. A silver piece of metal shot out from the handle, then another piece shot out of the first, then the third piece formed the tip of the short sword.

"This will do you well in a downtown brawl. It is light and portable, but also deadly."

He sliced the sword through the air before stabbing his invisible opponent. Mark noticed how the short sword acted like an extension of Lysander's arm. There was no question he knew how to use it, and yet when and why would he have ever learned how to wield it?

"Certainly better than the knives most downtowners wield… and have been stealing from my cutlery collection. You have not been one of those people, right?"

Mark shook his head. He knew the servants who had been stealing from Jordanis, but there was no way in hell that he would rat them out at this stage.

"Good, " Lysander remarked. He knew Mark would not steal from him. "I call this little fellow Macbeth. However, that is quite an unlucky name so I suggest renaming it."

"Why would ya give your sharp thingy an unlucky name?"

"Because I don't need luck, " he muttered more to himself than Mark.

I feel like I owe you. Consider this my way of saying 'thank you'."

"For what? 'Thank you' for what?"


"For letting me knock you."

"Oh, " Mark muttered, obviously disappointed with Lysander's answer. "Thanks, I guess. It'sa nice and all, but I'm worried the bag with the food and stuff might get stolen if I take it downtown."

"And that, Mark, " Lysander began before a dramatic pause, "is why I gave you the short sword."

The ex-servants sat on the benches and waited to be boarded onto the two shuttles. The shuttles would not take them directly to where they lived, simply to the area in which they had lived. None of them were crying like in the previous days. Most had just submitted to their fate.

Mark took a seat next to Erik who had not made eye contact with him since he had arrived in the hangar.

"Hāi, " Mark said to see if he could elicit a response. His attempt failed.

Not wanting to make a scene, he remained quiet next to his brother.

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