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   Chapter 58 No.58

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What Erik didn't know was that Mark would not forgive himself for everything that had happened. Being the eldest and one who had the easiest time getting through to Lysander, he felt as he had failed his fellow servants by not convincing Lysander to change his mind.

Lord Jordanis remained silent as Mark blubbered into his chest. The boy was mumbling things in complete gibberish. Lysander, who could usually comprehend downtowner languages, could not understand Mark on this rare occasion – a very clear sign that the boy was not in his right mind seeing as he usually spoke quite professionally for a downtowner.

Once he had calmed down, his expression changed from sorrowful to angry as he threw thin bed sheets off himself.

"I'ma going back to my room, " he informed Lysander.

Just as he sat up the older man grabbed his wrist.

"If you stay the night I have a present for you in the morning."

Mark tried to pull his hand away with no avail.

"No. My brother needs me."

"He doesn't need you tonight, and both of you will need this present."

"What's it?"

"In the morning, Mark. In the morning."

The downtowner hated Lysander's surprises. Last time the 'surprise' had made Cal kill herself. Despite this, curiosity got the better of him and he flopped back down. Lord Jordanis probably just wanted him to stay so they could have sex, but he hoped it was more than that.

"There's still time, you know, " Lysander whispered with the slightest ounce of emotion. "You can still change your mind and stay."

"No, either all of us go or none. But ye can still change your mind and let us all stay instead of getting those Olympian thingi

ons, and if he happened to have any he would have left them with Mama. He had been taught to never get attached to an object as he would most likely not be able to hold onto it.

"I would say we have half an hour before anyone else wakes up, " Jordanis informed him when he returned from the bathroom fully dressed.

"My pressie, " Mark reminded him in a bitter tone.

Lysander cocked an eyebrow, amused.

"I have not forgotten, don't worry. Would you like breakfast?"


"Alright." He put his hands up defensively. "We'll have breakfast after you get your 'pressie'."

The younger man followed him through the dark corridors and into his office. Although he did not consider it, this was probably one of the last times Mark would walk through these halls.

This better be worth it, he thought.

"Now, I considered giving you a gun, " Jordanis explained while rummaging through a metal chest just under the tinted window. "However, there were going to be two problems that. Firstly: I doubt you know how to use a gun and secondly: it would be useless when you ran out of bullets."

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