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"… and therefore I am withdrawing from the electoral race, " Lady Sonata said in Mandarin. "I thank all my supporters and I suggest the vote you would have given to me you give to Lord Young."

Lord Young choked on his water when he heard that. He looked at Nikhita, of whom he was watching the video with at the lunch table, wide-eyed in disbelief.

I've never even had a full conversation with Fae. Why would she recommend people vote for me? He thought before saying it out loud to Nikhita.

"I think it's probably because she would rather have people vote for you rather than Lysander, " she explained in a smug tone.

He started the video again: "Yes, he is younger than any other candidate we have had in hundreds of years, but some of the greatest minds of the past did not even live to see his age. I think he will bring a freshness to our society because of his age. He is not old and stuck in his ways like, oh, say Lord Jordanis. He is open-minded."

"Fresh, open-minded?" Nikhita snorted. "Yeah, she really doesn't know you."

Koris glared at her, and yet Fae's announcement meant he would not find himself annoyed for the rest of the day. He was far too exultant to be annoyed with Nikhita.

"Niki, if I got the votes of all the people who would have voted for her I'd be much closer to Lysander. And then if I also got the votes of the downtowners… I could win this!"

"Don't get your hopes up. There's a good chance many of Fae's ex-voters would rather vote for Lysander."

"Maybe a few…"


parliament you seem pretty anti-parliament."

"If you want to change something, you must first get standing in it. That's what you've done."

"I guess. How do you expect to change Manticore from the chief of security position? You say I cannot change Manticore even if I was the chairman."

She winked cheekily.

"I'm sure I'll find a way."


The final night in Lord Jordanis' Estate had swept over the downtowner servants. In the days leading up to this Lysander had noticed some cutlery missing. Particularly his silver knifes. He did not complain – the downtowners would need weapons.

Erik, despite it being the final night, was alone sobbing in his room. Cal was dead and his brother was spending one last night with Jordanis. He was sobbing out of a mixture of sadness and anger. Sadness because of Cal's death and the fact he would not see any of his other friends again, and anger because, on such a significant night, Mark had chosen Lysander over him – he would not forgive him for that.

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