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   Chapter 56 No.56

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The two reporters that had been daring enough to follow Young downtown where distracted by the fortress McCarthy's was. The four walls that shielded the compound were made of thick Manticorian metal and the top of them was laced with barbwire. It certainly did not seem like an inviting place for children unless they were quite desperate.

A very young woman waited for Koris, Ghoad, and the reporters on the steps to the main building. She had a slightly darker skin tone than most downtowners and Koris presumed that was because she was of African descent. He noticed that instantly, but it took him a moment to realise she had no right hand. From what he could see, it had been removed from her body in quite a gruesome manner.

"Hāi, " she said in a perky manner which surprised Young. It was not often that he came across happy downtowners.

"Zhǔ Koris Young, " he said while putting out his right hand to shake hers. He then remembered she had no right hand and therefore quickly swapped to his left. "I am here on behalf of the House of Oxen to make a donation and to take a brief tour, " he said in Mandarin.

She took his hand and shook it firmly.

"I'm Knave. I work here."

Koris was surprised for two reasons. One: she looked young enough to be a child who lived in the Haven and two: her name was Knave and her ID badge read the way he expected it to be spelt. He presumed that that was the downtown spelling for the name Neave, but it was hard to tell. It was a good guess that nobody downtown knew what a knave was and just thought it sounded nice.

To everyone's surprise, Knave had no fear of G

et during the visit, Lord Young was surprised to see he had a dozen messages. Most were from members of the House of Oxen, another was from Andromeda, but he read the one from Lord Jordanis first.

Jordanis: Lucky you. For once the rat is helping the ox.

What the hell does that mean?

None of the messages were clear about why he was 'lucky'. They all simply directed him to an announcement Lady Sonata had recorded earlier.

"Ghoad?" He looked at the giant svellik as she stood next to his shuttle. "Do you know anything about an announcement Lady Fae Sonata made today?"

"No, sssirrr. Why do you asssk?"

"Everyone keeps directing me to it. I'll have to watch it when we get back to uptown."

I don't want to stay down here another second. As much as I respect McCarthy's, I hate it down here.

There was an off chance he would have to come downtown again. Since he had pushed so hard to campaign downtown with flyers, posters, and having the voting machines be fixed, his campaign managers had warned him he may have to do a rally downtown – he dreaded that.

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