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   Chapter 55 No.55

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"I can spell and comprehend over ninety-five percent of words in the English dictionary as well as seventy percent of Mandarin characters."

"And ye can read well?"

"Very well."

"Good, 'cause I can't."

"Do you have a learning disability?"

"Uh huh."

"Does it involve numeracy, reading or writing?"

"Um, kinda all three, but Koris says I have the biggest problem reading."

"That should not be a problem. I have no trouble reading so I can do that for you when you need me to."


Flick was not sure about that. Lord Young had always suggested a screen reader for his electronic devices, yet the downtowner refused and insisted he was not blind. He associated not being able to read with being blind because, when he was originally diagnosed, being blind was the only thing Koris could compare it to as the boy had no knowledge of learning disabilities or what they meant.

While visiting another clothing store, Flick could not help but overhear other shoppers discussing the current debate. From the sound of it things were not going well for Koris. Flick was not sure how these debates impacted the election, but apparently they were very important. The downtowner felt that elections could go by much quicker if people just voted with no build-up. He found Koris was not at his finest during this election. He was a much better person when he was not under all this needless stress. Due to all the madness of the election, Flick and Koris had barely had a full conversation for over a week. He felt ignored and unwanted by his family. Luckily for him, Perseus, alt

roup chat. Once they all responded to his call he got straight into his plan.

"Inform the reporters that I will be visiting McCarthy's tomorrow to make a donation, " he explained in Mandarin.


Lord Young had always had good relations with McCarthy's Haven for Children as he had adopted Flick through them. He also made regular donations so they could continue to be a sanctuary for downtowner children. Today, for the sake of good publicity that would hopefully pull at the heartstrings of the public, Koris was going to represent the House of Oxen at McCarthy's to make a large donation. Ghoad was to accompany him downtown to visit the Haven despite Koris' concerns about her scaring the children.

"Do you think that thisss visssit will pleassse the public?" Ghoad asked as Koris got out of his shuttle in McCarthy's parking lot.

"The people who like children, regardless of which part of town they are from, will be happy. And I don't care what the others think. I'd rather not have their vote if they don't think I should be helping children."

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