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   Chapter 54 No.54

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"Ugh, " Flick grunted. "Alright, you win. I'll decide for you."

Flick was not entirely sure why his family had nominated him to take the Olympian shopping. As a downtowner, he had learned to basically wear anything he could regardless of whether or not it was flattering on him. When he first moved uptown he couldn't understand why all the uptowners were so obsessed with clothing. Even Koris, the most humble uptowner he knew when it came to fashion, had refused to let the young boy go to school unless he wore something he considered appropriate and flattering. This was a shocking transition for a boy who had grown up understanding that an old sack with holes in it could suffice for clothing.

"So, " he began awkwardly while leaning against the wall across from the stall Perseus was getting changed in, "do ya, um, do ya know a lot?"

"I'm sorry, " the Olympian called back calmly, "I do not understand the question."

"Are ya smarter than people?"

"Academically, yes, as my brain can store more than a human's and I can absorb more knowledge and have more knowledge to provide. However, I would say you accelerate in areas I cannot."


The Olympian stepped out of the changing stall in a pair of black jeans and a claret coloured shirt. Flick liked this look on Perseus. He seemed like someone who could look good in anything. This would make shopping far easier. Flick was envious of his body. Why did the inhuman thing get to look human while he looked like a mutant creature?

"Humans have free will which Olympians do not. Some consider independence a sign of intelligence, " Perseus explained. "Olympians al

He was the closest thing he had to a friend.

"Do Olympians enjoy any particular activity thingies?" Flick asked when they went to the shop checkout.

"I am happy when my masters are happy. Therefore, I enjoy cleaning and serving you. Those are activities you could say I enjoy."

"Cleanin' and servin' don'ta sound like a lotta fun. Okay, in a fake world where you could do whateva you wanted… what would you do?"

The Olympian stared blankly at Flick.

"I do not know. I am incapable of thinking that way."

"I wish ya could think that way. You'da be much happier."

"I am happy."

"No, you're not. Ya just think you're happy because your computer brain wants ya to think you are."

"Excuse me, Flick?"


"You have made an error in your checkout information."

And so he had. It was hard to tell whether that was because he had not been paying proper attention or if he would have made the mistake regardless because he had serious trouble reading the words on the screen.

"Say, " he began while fixing the error, "how good are ya at spelling and word stuff?"

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