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   Chapter 52 No.52

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Erik swallowed. He hoped living with Mama worked out because it would be too awkward to have to see Knave again after she turned him town just before he left for Lysander's Estate. Although he thought of Mark as his brother, he didn't consider her to be his sibling even if they were looked after by the same 'Mama'. He had been attracted to her for a long time, but she thought of him as a sibling and refused to be anything different. He still had romantic feelings for her and thought about her quite a few times a day which is why it would be too awkward to see her again anytime in the near future.

"What are nǐ gonna do, Cal?" Erik asked. "We could ask Mama stay with us wǒmen."

"No, " she replied passively. "I have plans, don'ta worry."

"Whatcha plans?" Mark asked, sharing his brother's concern for her.

She sat up without making eye contact.

"Wǒ'll tell ya later, " she said while opening the door.

"Where ya goin'?"

"Just a walky, don'ta worry."

That did not reassure either brother.

"Somethin' is wrong with tā de, " Erik said.

"Yah, she'sa in shock."

"Think tā 'sa really got plans?"

"Wǒ hope so."

Lord Jordanis was done thinking about the announcement he had made to the servants that day. Instead, he had gone back to doing work towards his campaign as that was far more important.

He glanced up when he heard the door to his office open across the room. To his surprise, Cal was standing in the doorway. He took note that one of her hands was behind her back and reminded himself that his gun was tucked in the back of hi

ad appeared to stabilise her.

The taller one, who's ID read Javier Baird, shook his head in what he intended to look like a sympathetic matter, but he actually seemed quite unnerved by the situation.

"You know as well as I do that the hospital will refuse to treat her."

"What if I paid for her treatment?"

"All the money in the world could not make the doctors treat her. Even if they wanted to, the bureaucracy would halt them. If you don't have proper identification, a constant uptown residency and health insurance then there's no way in hell that you'll get treatment."

"Then why did you bother to stabilise her at all?"

The medics exchanged a look of confusion.

"You do want to save the foetus, " the second medic, Thomas Oiseau, asked, "right? That's really why you called us, isn't it?"

It took Lysander a moment to remember how to breathe. Cal was pregnant?

"I beg your pardon?" Jordanis asked in as calm of a tone as he could muster. He then reached into his robe pocket and pulled out his cigarette container.

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