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   Chapter 51 No.51

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As the furious and shocked as they were, the crowd dispersed, Lord Jordanis made eye contact with Mark and gestured for the younger man to follow him. Mark understood and muttered something to both his brother and Cal before they left.

He did not appear pleased to have to follow Lysander. The downtowner was treading a fair distance behind him as they headed towards his office.

"Now, " Lysander began as soon as the door to his office was closed, "remember what I told you last night?"

Mark did not answer. He was hurt, angry, and had the strange urge to hit Lord Jordanis. He hadn't had an urge to hurt someone since he lived downtown. It was probably better for him to start getting those aggressive instincts back if he was going back down into the inferno.

"Mark, do you remember?" Lysander asked again when Mark didn't reply.

"Yah, " the downtowner muttered before turning away from the older man.

"The offer still stands. You may remain here instead of returning to downtown."

"And what about Erik?"

Lysander wrapped his arms around him from behind and kissed the top of his head. To Mark, this gesture was now possessive rather than affectionate.

"Erik will be fine."

"But he can't stay here too?"

"You don't understand the judgement I'd face for allowing two downtowners to live with me without having to do general servant work. They can understand one, but not two."

"Why can they understand one, but not two?"

"Well, with the Olympians, all the primary servant tasks can be completed. However, there is one thing Olympian cannot do that you can. And I don't need two downto

ss consumed him. Maybe he would ask another servant to stay. One that he hardly paid attention to. That would show Mark how insignificant he was and that he couldn't try to bargain for his brother's safety. He had offered him a haven and had been rejected. The downtowner was undeserving of his kindness.

Do not offer the chance to another downtowner, Jordanis told himself. Mark still has five days to change his mind.

"Whata did Lysanda want?" Erik asked his brother when he joined him in their room.

"Nah, " Mark shook his head. "Don'ta worry about it."

Erik did not pressure him for details. He was more distracted by Cal's empty expression as she lay on her bed while staring at the ceiling. Something was horribly wrong with her. No downtowner would react as calmly as she did to being thrown out of uptown.

"Wǒmen don'ta have to chóu, " Mark reassured his brother as he took a seat next to him on the bed. "We'lla move back in with Mama. I'ma sure she'da be kuàilè for us to live with her again. That, or wǒmen could go try to work with Knave at McCarthy's."

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