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   Chapter 49 No.49

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"Your one. My bed isn't comfy."

I never did replace those thin mattresses, Lysander thought. Oh well, too late now.

Both of them got up and departed from the small study room. They remained quiet as they walked down the hall as everyone else on the estate was asleep. Unsurprisingly, Lord Jordanis had the largest bedroom in the house while his son slept in a moderate sized room and the servants were four to a closet-sized room below ground.

Lysander already told himself that he would not be having sex – or sodomy, as some called it – with Mark that night because after the announcement tomorrow it could make the boy feel used.

"I'm simply curious, " he began as he undressed while Mark was already down to his underwear and under the thin silk covers, "what do you think you would be doing if you still lived downtown?"

Mark didn't answer right away. He was distracted by Lysander's rarely seen tattoo of a black dragon with a ruby red eye flying up his back. Mark knew he was one of the few who knew Lysander had a tattoo as the man was never naked in front of others unless he completely trusted them. The dragon was swiftly covered by the black fabric of his nightshirt, but Mark was quite happy to catch glimpses of it whenever he could.

"I don't think I'd be doin' anything, " he replied once Lysander gave him a strange look for remaining silent for so long. "I think I'd be dead."

Lysander swallowed.

"I doubt that, " he argued in an impassive tone to hide his actual feelings. "You're a smart boy."

"It's not about being a smarty. It's about doin' what ya need to do to live. The thi

our mind?" Lysander asked despite the fact that he did not really care for an answer.

"Nope, " his son replied bluntly even though that didn't appear to be the truth.

"Are you sure?"

"You might overcook the eggs if you don't pay attention. Neither of us like it when the yolk isn't runny."

"Answer my question, Prince."

The boy met his father's gaze.

"I'm having a hard time being around the servants knowing that you're firing them. I was speaking to Nik and he kept talking about the future of his work at this place and that he hoped he could work here forever. If you want my opinion, which you don't, I don't think you should replace all the downtowners. I like having other humans living in this place. It won't be the same with Olympians."

"You're not a fan of change, Prince. I know that. However, sometimes change is for the better. All the other uptowners are replacing downtowner servants with Olympians. Even Melody's family has one."

"What about Mark?"

"What about him?" Lysander asked as if he had no clue what his son was talking about.

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