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   Chapter 48 No.48

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'Communist' was a tainted word to them, regardless of what it really meant. People were already making connections between the Koris being of Chinese descent and China's communist history. It did not matter that a great percentage of Manticorians were of Chinese descent: they saw the Mao in Young even if it wasn't there. Lysander had just ruined his image.

"Yes, well, if we're getting into it, you're more like Ayn Rand than anyone."

Lysander scoffed.

"Ouch. What a petty low-blow, my friend. Let us bicker more civilly. We're not children. Although, you are closer in age to one."

"How did we get from talking about Olympians to Stalin and Mao?" Fae asked, getting a chuckle out of the audience. She was good at breaking the tension in awkward situations.

"Excellent question, " the moderator replied. "Now, let us get back on topic and discuss how each candidate intends to deal with the education gap between students qualified for higher learning and students not qualified for higher learning."

Koris could sense that his face was red with anger. He leaned back on the chair and tried to relax. Glancing down at the table again, he could see the blue snake had hit rock bottom while the red snake was on the verge of going off the chart.

It doesn't matter if I'm right or not. Lysander can sway the public any way he wants.

It was another silent shuttle ride on the way home after the debate. Lord Young was angry with the results of the debate and both Melody and Andromeda were emba

ht. He could not handle it at that moment.


Mark opened his eyes after enjoying his rest when he realised that Lord Jordanis had not spoken in over half an hour. He had simply sat there with the younger man's head in his lap while mindlessly stroking the younger man's hair. There was definitely something bothering him.

"Are ya okay?" Mark asked.

Lysander seemed to snap out of a trance. Looking down at the downtowner, he smiled calmly and nodded.

"Yes. I am just thinking about the announcement I have to give to you and the other servants tomorrow."

"Is it a good announcement?"

"You will find out in the morning."

Mark stopped smiling.

"You'ra scaring me."

"Don't be scared, " he assured him.

You may be the only one who does not have to be scared depending on whether or not I make up my mind about asking you to stay.

"Can ya tell me now?"

"Nope." Lysander decided to quickly change the subject. "Now, which bed are you sleeping in tonight, your one or mine?"

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