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   Chapter 47 No.47

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"Yes, " Lysander murmured in slightly judgmental tone, "but we have very few of those robots and it costs a large sum to make more which is money we don't want to take away from the taxpayers. Instead, we can have the building robots and the Olympians working together to renovate the buildings which means it will get done quicker."

"I suppose the downtowners could also do some renovation work alongside the robots and the Olympians, " Fae suggested.

Lysander shook his head.

"No. I, along with most other uptowners, do not trust downtowners to do that kind of work. They are lazy when nobody is looking and inefficient when we are watching. That, and we're discussing daytime renovation work. Olympians and robots can handle the Jhard, downtowners can't."

"Maybe if we paid them more money they would have more incentive to do an efficient amount of work, " Koris suggested.

"And that requires more money from the taxpayers and therefore would not bode well."

"But surely we must pay the Olympians for their labour. Not just for building, but for being servants as well. That's the basic right of a member of the Servants Union: to be paid."

"The Olympians are not part of that Union, " Fae stated as if Koris was insane.

"They should be seeing as they will be doing the exact same work as downtowners except for even less yuan – which is none – which is unfair. The Olympians need a fair union and should be paid at least minimum wage for their work. And that money should go directly to the Olympian that does the work, not Olympus United."

He looked to Lady Sonata who was nodding in understanding

ent time."

The fucker is being condescending towards me, Koris thought as his fists tightened.

He swallowed before he spoke: "I'm sorry: did you just accuse me of being a communist?"

"Like Stalin or Mao, yes. You want everyone to be on the same grounds being paid the exact same amount of money. But, honestly, should a doctor who saves lives really be paid as much as the teenager who works the till at the cinema?"

"I'm… I'm not a communist."

"Yes, you are. However, I'm sure after you see what chaos followed after the rise of both Mao and Stalin – and read Animal Farm by George Orwell – you'll understand your mistaken political belief."

Whether or not it was true that Koris shared some similar beliefs to communism, he couldn't be accused of being a communist and Lysander knew it. Such accusations would damage his reputation. Manticore had rejected anything to do with communism after they left the communist controlled parts of Earth centuries back. They could not escape all of it, though, which was why Mandarin was still a primary language in the city.

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