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   Chapter 46 No.46

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Koris had to think for a moment about who Kat was. Lady Kathryn Bengal: Princeton's mother and Lord Jordanis' ex-wife. Lysander and Kathryn were a prime example of a couple who had split up out of boredom rather than a rift in their relationship. Kathryn was now remarried to two women while Lysander remained a bachelor, but their friendship remained.

"Is there some tension between the two of you I should know about?" Fae asked in Mandarin as she eyed both men suspiciously. She picked up on the haughty tone Lysander had and Koris' aggressive manner.

He manipulated an asexual boy into doing things of a sexual nature and caused him great distress: there's the first of many problems, Koris thought, but didn't say.

"Certainly not, " Lord Jordanis said casually before pulling a silver canister that held his cigarettes out of his robe pocket.

"You cannot smoke in here, " Lord Young warned him.

"I don't see any signs."

"That's because people are expected to know that they cannot smoke inside anywhere public, ever."

Lysander lit his cigarette regardless.

"My first legislation: no one will be discriminated against for enjoying smoking indoors. After all, we are a society that spends entire days indoors."

"Save the bickering for the debate, boys, " Fae joked to try and break the tension in the room.

Koris' body was on the verge of shaking. Whether it was out of terror or anger he did not know. Most likely both.

I must learn not to become so easily upset or I don't deserve to be the chairman.

"Don't call me a boy, " Lysander warned Fae, but he had a playful smile on his face. "I am older than


I need to get more approval or I don't have a chance in hell, Koris thought.

"I do not think I can make a judgment until my Olympians arrive at my estate, " Lysander explained in English. The debate had started out in Mandarin, but he somehow managed to sway it to the other language. "However, they do seem to be more efficient than downtowners from what I saw on the tour of the factory."

Lysander was too hesitant to rave about how terrible of workers downtowners were. A part of him feared his current servants, including Mark, could be watching despite the fact they didn't watch television, especially without his permission.

"I think they could also be put to use in renovating the abandoned buildings on the east side of town and turning them into apartments and businesses to help with our demand for more homes as the population continues to rise, " Fae explained, making her snake slither a little further up the chart.

"We can have robots do that, " Koris said while trying to retain a calm composure. "We have robots specifically designed to do building work."

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