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   Chapter 45 No.45

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"Do you know what that is?" Flick asked.


"It's the ark. The old people came from Earth to Manticore on that thingy."

"The Sphinx. Correct?"

"I dunno. I just know they are currently repairing it. That's why there are all those little black thingies around it: little homes for the people working on it."

"Are they recommissioning it for carrying passengers or cargo?"

"I don't know what recommissioning is, but I probably don't know the answer anyways."

He was silent for a moment as he stared at the ark.

"It'sa very big, " he said for no particular reason.

"It originally carried over seven hundred thousand passengers and fifteen thousand crewmembers."

"Think it coulda carry everyone away from Manticore now?"

"Capacity-wise, it could carry all the current uptowner citizens. However, food rations, and living conditions considered: it would not be comfortable and I estimate the ship would only have room for food to last up to five years even if the on-ship garden was restarted."

"What about water?"

"Water can be recycled, that would not be a problem."

"But it is possible?"


"I think they should do it. We should all leave Manticore. Everyone would be happier if we did."

Perseus did not reply. He had no opinion on the matter.

Flick zoomed out the telescope lens again to reveal the full night sky.

"How long will ya sleep for?"

"Between two and three hours."

"Okay. Well, if ya wake up while everyone else is still asleep feel free to look at the sky." He passed the Olympian the tablet with the tel

ke escaped his mouth. "Your demented pacing would certainly intrigue most Manticorians."

I'll show you demented when I detach your face from your skull. He stopped mid-stride when he realised how gruesome that sounded. What am I saying?

Lysander smirked as if he had read the younger man's mind which made Koris feel more disturbed. Not even his mind was safe from Lysander.

"And how is your Percy?"

"He isn't mine, " he snarled, "and he's fine."

"Is he here?"


"Only Andromeda and Melody?"


"So you decided to only invite blood relatives tonight?"

Koris' brow furrowed. Don't answer him. He'll twist your words no matter what you do. I can only presume this is a small taste of what he's going to be like in the debate.

He decided to reply with his own question: "Well, who did you give your tickets to? Your son and who else?"

"Prince and Kat, who else? She's down from Bagg for the next three days so it only makes sense to invite her rather than anyone else. After all, my family is relatively small."

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