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   Chapter 44 No.44

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"Which is why you must ask more crazy downtowners if this is true. And do a thorough search of the possible vicinity for any evidence you can find."

"Okay. I'll talk to you later."


Lord Young sat on the bench in the garage after the call ended contemplating the events. He wanted to help Nikhita in this investigation and dedicate all his time to it, but he had to get ready for the first debate.

The debate. His stomach churned at the thought. Lord Jordanis would no doubt try to tear him to pieces which was why he had to be prepared and not get flustered. Hopefully Lady Sonata would be kind to him… and hopefully some of Lysander's wrath would be on her shoulders as well and not just his.

Olympus United will no doubt be brought up in the debate. That has to be my strong point. I can tie in how the Olympians are treated like slaves to how the downtowner servants are also treated like slaves. I will just have to prove I am not a hypocrite by stating that Perseus is Andromeda's Olympian, not mine.

New Olympian, debate in a few days, election on the horizon, possible terrorist organisation out to kill politicians. He rubbed his sore eyes with his palms. Fuck. I can't do this.

Flick's face felt warmer than usual as Perseus joined him in their bedroom. He had trouble being around humans, let alone inhuman creatures that looked human.

"That'sa your bed." He pointed to the untouched one before sitting down on his own one to make his territory c

f of their building that allowed him to look at the stars as if they were truly right in front of his eyes. Koris had bought it for him a few years back after getting tired of having to take Flick out every night to stargaze. He loved the night sky. To him, the stars were magical instead of giant balls of gas light-years away.

"Should I lie down?"

Flick looked back to Perseus who was now wearing silver silk pyjamas.

"Go ahead, " he said casually. He presumed that lying down was a given.

"Thank you."

"Wanna see something?"


Flick used his tablet to change the position of the telescope on the roof. He stopped it when it was facing the larger of two moons and began to zoom in.


"Hmm?" Flicked looked at Perseus curiously.

"Bagg: that is the moon we are looking at. Bagg? is the smaller moon."

"Uh huh." Flick did not care. "Ah, here it is."

The telescope pinpointed a black oval blob hidden in one of Bagg's larger, darker craters.

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