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   Chapter 43 No.43

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He made eye contact with Andromeda for a brief moment. Although it was unintentional, he did glare at her. She cocked an eyebrow in amusement and smirked softly to herself. Young could not figure out why she was not taking any of this seriously. Then again, by her age, she had most likely stopped taking anything seriously which was what happened to most people as they grew older and reached triple digits.

Kiddo bounded into the garage as soon as the door opened. Instead of going through the regular motions of jumping on everyone excitedly as if they had been separated for years, the dog ran straight to Perseus and began sniffing him. The Olympian remained still until Koris pushed Kiddo away when he started sniffing around the boy's crotch.

"This is the other member of our family, Kiddo, " Andromeda explained as her husband dealt with the dog who was now jumping up on him even though he was in his nice robe.

The Olympian smiled at Andromeda. He was unsure if he was supposed to introduce himself to the dog or not.

"Now, I have to get to work, " Young told Perseus as he led him into the house. "However, I'm sure Lady Andromeda will give you a quick rundown of the apartment so you know everything you need to know about it. Also, she can sort out your bed."

"Actually, " she said while raising her finger objectively, "I have to get to work too."

Damn it, An.

"How long till nǐ need to be at work?" he asked, an obvious strain in his voice.

"Hour or so."

"Then nǐ have plenty of time to show tā around wǒmen de jiā."

Koris glanced at the boy, wondering if the Olymp

look at the carvings on his chest. And did 'Lord George' show you where the missile was fired from?"

"Kind of. There was no evidence to prove it was fired from where he said it was fired from."

"Okay. You're doing great, Niki. If I might suggest: try interviewing a few other downtowners in the area not just about the missile, but about this Rebellion group. If the downtowners are rebelling, I want to know."

"He was probably lying, you know. There probably isn't a Rebellion and it's all in his head."

"Maybe, but it would explain a lot. Whoever fired the missile had to know that the politicians would be on the roof that night and they had to get the missile from somewhere, too. I would say that if there is this so-called Rebellion group, uptowners may be in on it by supplying the downtowners with weapons and knowledge."

Nikhita was silent for a moment. He heard her swallow.

"It's possible, " she said hesitantly. "But don't think too much about it. We have no proof of this and we only know all this stuff because of a nutcase downtowner."

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