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   Chapter 42 No.42

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"A pleasure to meet both of you." He took Andromeda's hand and shook it first, then Koris'.

"Nǐ don't get the joke, do nǐ?" Andromeda asked her perplexed husband.

"Honestly, wǒ don't. I had mentally prepared myself for you to call him something along the lines of 'Gaius' if Lysander suggested the name to you."

"First of all: what's wrong with Gaius?"

"Nothing… Just kind of a funny name to say."

"Well, so is Koris. In fact that's a girls' name."

"Not in Armenia."

Then it clicked and Koris' eyes narrowed.

"Perseus and Andromeda… Wǒ finally get it."

Fuck you, Lysander. Fuck you.

"Bravo, " his wife said sarcastically before returning her attention to the Olympian. "Now, Percy, are you ready to go with us to our apartment?"

"Yes, " he said simply with a little robotic smile.

We have only known him four seconds and already An's given him the nickname 'Percy'. It's as if she is on Lysander's side.

Once Andromeda had officially signed Perseus out with the android, the trio stepped back into the store where Flick and Melody were waiting for them. Melody appeared less than impressed while Flick's eyes were wide. Like Koris, he had a hard time comprehending the fact that they were taking home a thing that looked so human, but at the same time seemed inhuman.

"By the way, " Koris began steadily, "wǒmen will be paying 'Percy' above minimum wage for his services around the apartment and as your assistant."

Now it was Andromeda who was giving Koris an odd look.


"Nǐ wanted a servant and nǐ got one, but wǒ gets to decide

ign was over.

Andromeda can sort out Perseus' life. After all, she bought him and therefore he's her responsibility. He bit his lip. Who am I kidding? I'm the politician who shot himself in the foot to save a downtowner. Of course I'm going to get involved in Perseus' life.

"Why is your skin dark?" Flick asked quietly, but with the dead silence in the car, everyone heard him.

Koris glanced back at the boy with a scowl.

"I was designed to be visually pleasing, " Perseus said in a scripted manner. "Statistics show that eight-five percent of Manticorians prefer skin on the more tanned part of the spectrum. Do you find me visually pleasing?"

Flick shrugged and awkwardly turned his head to look out the tinted window. Melody smirked and muttered something under her breath which Koris didn't question her about – he probably didn't want to know the answer.

Perseus continued to stare at Flick, still waiting for an answer so Koris answered for the boy: "You're visually pleasing, Percy." His voice then went quieter. "Don't worry."

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