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   Chapter 41 No.41

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"Brilliant!" His expression was genuinely happy. "Then again, it leads me to ask why your parents named you 'Andromeda' in the first place. You would think that with your heritage, they would give you a name from either Japanese or Chinese mythology."

"Neither of my parents are truly connected to their Old Earth heritage. In fact, I'm pretty sure they prefer Greek myth."

"For good reason."

"Watch your tongue."


Once they had both completed the transaction, they were emailed their receipts that had their number on them. When the screen above the silver door on the opposite side of the room showed their number they would go in and either collect their Olympian (or Olympians), or simply meet them and have them shipped to their home later.

"How much did it cost?" Koris asked in a grouchy tone to demonstrate his already obvious disapproval.

"The Olympian's a business expense, don't worry."

"But how much did tā cost?" he insisted. "Wǒ want to know how much a life is worth."

"Don't be so dramatic, " she scoffed. "Kiddo cost wǒmen three-hundred yuan and wǒ don't recall nǐ ever complaining about that thing's 'life of enslavement'."

Koris knew he would come up with logical objections later, but at that moment he could not think of a liable rebuttal that would not make him appear to be an asshole to animals and Olympians alike. His mouth remained shut.

"Uh huh." Andromeda nodded, taking pride in the fact that she had won – for now.

The look on Lord Jordanis' face as he stepped back through the silver door was different than one Koris had ever seen on him. Something had changed

formed them just as the doors behind it opened.

I cannot believe this is happening, he thought as a blond boy stepped toward them out of a door on the opposite side of the white room. He could only presume the door concealed rows of battery-hen-style cages that the Olympians were kept in.

The room they were in was moderately large and the drop of a pin could echo through it, yet the Olympian coming towards them could have just as easily been walking on pillows.

"Wǒ answered 'yes' for picking tā up today instead of paying for the Olympian to be shipped to wǒmen apartment, by the way, " Andromeda muttered just as the boy reached them. He didn't need her to tell him that, it was quite obvious that the boy was ready to leave immediately seeing as he was clutching a silver suitcase with both hands

"Greetings, " the boy began in a smooth tone, "my name is Perseus. I look forward to serving you." He looked at Andromeda. "You are Lady Andromeda Sun, correct?"

"Yes, " she said with a smirk even though Koris did not understand the joke. "And this is Lord Koris Young."

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