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   Chapter 40 No.40

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"Because space travel isn't that simple. Also, the mining on Manticore made them rich… Most of them, at least. Manticore is richer than Eden money-wise in the United Systems of Terra."

"It sure doesn't feel that way, " Flick mumbled.

As expected, the group was lead into the 'store front' where they were expected to buy things. Koris presumed that everyone in their group, being Manticore Metropolis' elite, would be smarter than to give into this ploy to give Olympus United their money. Sadly, he often had misconceptions about how Manticorians acted.

But what about your downtowner servants? Koris thought as he watched most of them go straight to the checkouts. I'm already against the way we treat downtowner servants, but are you really going to just toss them back downtown so that you can replace them with these new submissive slaves?

"Andromeda, " he tried to say calmly, but it came out as a piercing whinge, "what are nǐ doing?"

She turned to him from the queue for one of the checkouts and cocked an eyebrow. "Huh?"

He took a step closer to her so that he would not have to speak so loudly: "Wǒmen are not going to have an Olympian in wǒmen de apartment."

"Why not? How can nǐ discuss this mistreatment of Olympians if nǐ don't know a thing about tāmen? Wǒ will buy one for nǐ to study, " she explained even though he knew very well she wanted one out of her own interest.

Koris bit his lip out of frustration and shook his head.

"No, " he growled.

"Tīng. Wǒ let nǐ

nis man said while scrolling through the list of names on the screen, "Jude really has a thing for the ancient Greeks. All suggested names are along the lines of 'Apollo' and 'Midas'."

"There is an option at the bottom of the screen where you can give an Olympian a personalised name."

"Nah." He clicked the 'random select' option for all twenty names. "That requires too much effort."

When he saw Andromeda was still browsing through the names, his eyes landed on one that made a sly smile spread across his face.

"Please, " he began in a low voice, "you will be the greatest person on Manticore if you choose that name."

He pointed to the one he was talking about. It took Andromeda a moment to realise the joke, but when she got it she couldn't help but smile.

"I doubt Lord Young would approve, " she explained.

"I doubt he approves of you buying an Olympian in the first place."

"True." She glanced up in thought for a moment. "Alright, I'll do it. What have I got to lose?"

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