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   Chapter 39 No.39

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"Oh, Flick, " Lysander said softly as he gently ran his thumb across the scar on the boy's wrist. "Mutilating your body is not the way to cope."

The boy pulled his hand back with force and pulled up the brown sleeve of his jacket to cover the wound.

"You won't tell Koris, will you?"

Lysander shook his head. "I will not, but do please be careful. That cut was not a simple scratch. Any deeper and you could hit an ulnar artery or vein."

"What are those thingies?"

Lysander held out his own wrist as demonstration. Like all Manticorians, his skin was so pale that it was borderline transparent.

"You see those blue and purple lines?" Flick nodded. "If you cut them the blood won't stop until you bleed out."

I'va survived worse, Flick thought.

Lysander glanced at Princeton who was admiring the sky on Eden with Melody.

"My son went through some sort of teenage angst-induced depression a few years back and tried slitting his wrists. Only mere scratches, of course. I think he did it just to get my attention. We had only lived together a year and he already felt as if I was ignoring him. Anyways: one night I caught him in the act which gave him a good scare and accidentally made him cut too deep." Lysander sighed more out of annoyance than sadness. "Then he had to spend the next two blasted days in hospital because the doctors wanted to make sure he wasn't still 'at risk' and that I was not abusing him in any way. He has not harmed himself since that frightening night. I think the yellow cigarettes have been good for him. He's much more relaxed now."


miled remained, although he looked confused.

"Our brains were not tampered with, " he explained, "merely perfected to suit our masters."

How disturbing, Lord Jordanis thought.

Flick was solemn when the world of Eden vanished around him. He would have preferred to stay in the holodeck the whole time rather than continue on with the tour.

"How many planet thingies are out there that are like Eden?" he asked as they walked through another hallway.

"Probably billions, " Koris admitted. "Humans just have not discovered most of them."

"Okay, so how many are out there like Eden that humans live on?"

"Um." Koris had to think for a moment. "Three? Three and a half?"

"Why didn't the people of Manticore settle on another planet like Eden instead of here?"

"Hush, " he warned him. He did not want any of the politicians with them to be offended. "Because the settlers were desperate for any habitable planet to land on."

"But why didn't they just stay for a few weeks and then get back on the ship and go look for a better planet?"

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