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   Chapter 38 No.38

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"Interesting, " Lysander said as he strode toward the holographic man, "I have studied Eden, and yet I still feel as if I know nothing about the teisi."

"Neither do I, " Jude admitted. "The teisi are an enigmatic race of which I don't think humans will ever learn to truly comprehend. Just when I think I'm beginning to understand Ica, I realise I know less about her than I did before."

"There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face, " Lysander said casually. "Most people have trouble understanding other humans, let alone aliens."

Dimiourgo cocked an eyebrow. "Shakespeare fan?"

Jordanis scoffed. "My name is Lysander: it comes with the territory."

"Ah, I know who you are. Political news travels far. I wish you luck during your campaign."

"Thank you, " he said in a more flirtatious tone than he had intended. "Now, what's it like to knock a teisi?"

Jude looked more confused than surprised. "Beg your pardon? What does 'knock' mean in this context?"

"Well, I suppose the informal term would be 'fuck', " he whispered so that he would not attract the attention of anyone else in the room. Unfortunately, Koris was keeping an eye on him. "Well-respected people on Manticore prefer to use 'knock' instead of 'fuck' to describe the act of intercourse."

"Why not just say 'bang' or 'screw'?"

"Those words are also considered very informal as they sound too aggressive. Personally, I blame the conservative communist influence on this blasted planet."

Jude let out a surprising laugh.

"You Manticorians amuse me. Anyways: I have never

id not seem aware of the situation. He was too intrigued by what Lysander was showing him.

He looked at the older man with great curiosity. "So they don't have thingies either?"

"It appears they do not, " Lysander said as they looked at the 3D model of an Olympian. Now Lysander understood what Jude was saying: the boys were missing testicles and their penises did not appear to have any sexual attributes. "They appear to also be missing their nipples and umbilici. I suppose that makes sense seeing they were never born and therefore no umbilical cord scar. Plus nipples are formed before a child goes through sexual differentiation in the womb."

Flick was not listening. He was astounded by the Olympians. Reaching up in an attempt to expand the image, his sleeve slid down his arm to reveal a scar that instantly caught Lysander's attention. He took the young man's hand in his own and pulled it back so he could get a better look. Flick didn't resist, but he did glance over at Andromeda and Koris to make sure they weren't watching him.

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