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   Chapter 37 No.37

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The lights in the room went out and there was darkness for a moment before a new set of lights turned on. These laser-like lights revealed the grid on the walls and floor that began to texturize. The silver room was soon a lush paradise. Sun seeped through the trees, strange animals could be heard singing and right in the middle of the forest was a house. Not a big house, but certainly a nice one.

Flick grabbed Koris' arm. While Koris had been in a holodeck before, this was a completely new experience for Flick. The fact that he could no longer tell what was real and what was digital scared him.

"It's all good, Flicka-roo, " Lord Young reassured him even though he was feeling a little anxious himself.

Flick didn't meet Koris' gaze. He was too busy scoping the foreign terrain. Most uptowners had trouble comprehending the fact that humans on other planets lived so differently so a downtowner like Flick, who struggled the most with the concept, felt like his brain was going to melt.

The door to the wooden home opened. Lysander looked amused by the way it swung into the house instead of sliding into the wall automatically like most doors on Manticore did. The house looked like it was something out of the 20th century, not the 50th.

A man stepped through the door dressed in clothing that would be considered casual on Manticore. Yes, he was in a suit, but where was his robe? The man, of whom most in the crowd assumed was Jude Dimiourgo, bared a striking resemblance to the Olympians. Due to the fact he did not use anti-aging treatments as heavily as Manticorians, he looked in his forties giving off the effect he was rather the father of the Olympians and not one of them.


rept through the door on all fours even though the design of its spine suggested it could just as easily walk on only its rear legs.

"Ah, " Jude smirked when he glanced back to see why everyone in the crowd was staring beyond him. "That would be Ica: my adopted daughter after I became mates with her mother."

The alien girl's pointed ears perked up when she heard her name. Her bulbous onyx eyes were directed at Jude questioningly. Strangely, she did not seem to notice anybody in the crowd.

"She can't see you, " he explained when ever saw the looks of confusion some members of the crowd wore. "Teisien eyes cannot register holograms or anything along those lines."

Ica was certainly confused by Jude speaking to what appeared to be thin air. She stroked her body against his slacks as she passed in attempt to get his attention.

"Anyways, " he continued, "please feel free to look at the slideshows and talk with me before you continue with the tour."

As the guests in the factory slowly began to spread out, Jude made a clicking sound with his mouth in the direction of Ica which made her scurry back into the house.

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