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   Chapter 36 No.36

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"If you wanted to get a bunch of influ…" not being able to remember the rest of the word, Flick went with a synonym for it; "… important people together to kill them. This would be the perfect way."

"Hush!" Koris and Andromeda hissed simultaneously, making the young boy cower. Although the idea sounded preposterous, both of them had been thinking the same thing.

The crowd of just less than three dozen filed into a large circular room where the arrows stopped. No windows, no signs, nothing. In the dead silence the sound of the electricity running through the bright fluorescent lights could be heard.

"I give it a minute and then we bail, " Lysander informed Princeton, but everyone agreed with him. "I've got better things to do with my day than wait around here."

A blurred figure could be seen through the translucent doors in front of the group. It was impossible to tell if it was a man or woman. Lord Young still had trouble figuring out the gender even when the doors had slid open. The person's body was slender, yet toned and their youthful facial features were a mixture of handsome and beautiful. Their silky golden hair was combed back with not one strand out of place.

They certainly aren't from Manticore, Koris thought while admiring the person's slight tan. They weren't dark, just darker than a person from Manticore. They may not even be human.

Their eyes. In a literal sense they appeared electric. So artificially blue the person had to either be an android or have had their eyes surgically changed to look that way.

"Greetings, " they said surprisingly in English. Their enigmatic soft voice was either that of a woman with

r room similar to the one they had previously been in. Everyone was abuzz even though none of them were asking Zeus any questions. That was the job of the reporters who would be taking the tour later on that day.

"Sadly, " he began slowly to regain everyone's attention, "Jude Dimiourgo is not able to be with us in person today. He lives on the planet of Eden and it would take him ten years to get to Manticore. Rest assured, he is here in spirit."

A few in the crowd gasped. Everyone had heard about Eden: the paradise planet. It was the most successful planet ever settled by humans. The landscape was unmatched. Eden was made up of thick, beautiful rainforests and then the emerald ocean took up the other half of the small planet. So very few humans had settled there and, in agreement with the locals, all immigration to Eden had been banned. Each human couple on Eden was only allowed to have one child in order to have population control.

"And I am being truthful when I say that Master Dimiourgo is here with us in spirit, " Zeus explained with a smile that looked more robotic than sincere.

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