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   Chapter 35 No.35

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Returning home that evening, he was surprised that Melody and Andromeda did not give him more pitiful looks than they did. Andromeda just glanced at him placidly as she checked her messages on her electronic glasses while Melody did not even look up at all from her tablet – probably because she had her headphones in and did not realise he was home. Kiddo was the only one who really acknowledged that he was home by jumping up on him. Where was Flick? Most likely in his room.

"Hāi, " he said to his wife as he walked by her.

"Hāi, " she replied. "By the way; are wǒmen still going the day after tomorrow?"

He stopped. "Going to what?"

"The opening of Olympus United."

"Oh. Wǒ bù zhīdào. Can wǒ decide tomorrow?"

"No. Now."

"Fine. Let's go. Wǒ need a day off work anyways."

"Yes, " she agreed. "Yes you do."

After putting the Oxen robe on a coat hanger in his closet, he went into the bathroom. He browsed the cabinet in search of painkillers because on the shuttle ride home a headache had developed. Unfortunately, he and Andromeda were out of them so he went to the bathroom attached to the lounge and dining area.

Koris took two before closing the cabinet door. Looking into the cabinet's mirror, he noticed something strange. There was a large drop of blood on the edge of the bathtub. He got on one knee to take a better look. The blood had mixed with some water. He was not sure what that meant. Nobody in the 50th century used razors to shave because there were permanent solutions so the blood could not have come from someone cutting their leg while shaving. Neither Andromeda nor Melody menstruated seeing as Andromeda, in her old age, had an artifi

hought Princeton was acting hesitant, but then he realised the boy was moving so slowly because he was jaded. Sleep deprived? No. He was addicted to the lighter version of what his father smoked. Prince smoked cigarettes that were yellow.

How could Lysander let his son do drugs? Koris thought while watching Prince snuff the cigarette and throw the remains in the trash. He knew better than to smoke on the tour.

"So that's the real reason tā came, " Andromeda muttered to Koris as their daughter ran off to be with her boyfriend.

I wonder if Princeton has offered Melody any of those cigarettes, he thought with a worried expression. He had seen how quickly people became addicted to those little demons. Killer or not, they were still toxic.

Lady Sun squeezed his shoulder to inform him that he should relax. It was Mel's life and her choices to make, not his.

The trail of light-up arrows was a very clear sign of where the crowd was supposed to go. Everyone was a little uneasy as they followed the arrows out of the garage down a sterile corridor. Where were all the workers? Where was their tour guide?

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