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   Chapter 34 No.34

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The svellik was silent for a moment before she continued her story. "I wasss right about the ssstrrrange noissse. Another downtownerrr came in from the dirrrection of the noissse when I was focussssssed on Todd and the downtownerrr. The downtownerrr jumped on my back, bending my wing, and trrried to hit me with a piece of brrroken pipe. I thrrrew him off and into the wall and I think I brrroke his skull by doing that."

Koris put his hand to his mouth for a moment. He then proceeded to remove it and pointed his index finger upward as if he was asking a question in class.

"How many of the voting booths did he manage to check?"

"Three out of twenty, " Nikhita informed him, "we have custody of his tablet at the moment and I messaged that information to Adina for you."

"Thank you, " he said sincerely. It was a heartless question, but he needed to know the answer.

"He sssaid they werrre in betterrr ssshape than he expected, " Ghoad stated. "The firrrst two could ssstill function if they had powerrr."


"And what was the downtowner carving into his chest?"

Nikhita pulled out her phone, swiped her fingers across the screen across it for a few moments. She then brought up the picture the morgue had sent her of the cadaver and bloated the chest so Koris could see the cuts.

"It's hard to tell what downtowners were writing. They practically have their own language, " she explained, "but my bet is that they were trying to write us something."

A strange thought popped into Koris' brain: "You think this could have any connection to the attack on the Parliament House?"

Nikhita cocked an eyebr

them that he intended to address the matter in a press conference.

Now they won't want me to do a campaign downtown, he thought with a grimace. They will not want to risk anyone else dying… or getting any more bad publicity. Yes, they don't think I have a shot at winning this election, but they don't want bad publicity to be what we are remembered for the next election.

Lord Young wondered what Andromeda and Melody thought of him as he stood at the podium in front of the cameras and press. They were probably both shaking their heads in shame. He did not bother to wonder what Flick was thinking seeing as that boy didn't watch television.

"… and once again, the House of Oxen offers our condolences to Todd Arden's family and appreciates his work effort, " he said in a sincere tone as he addressed the press in Mandarin.

I'm not sure if one public apology is enough to put out the fire, he thought as he stepped back from the podium, but hopefully it's enough to snuff Lysander's criticising during the debate. Sadly, the man is a Dragon so he will always start a new fire.

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