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   Chapter 33 No.33

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"Relay that message to Ghoad, will you?"

"You got it."

Once that was sorted, Koris finally slid the door open to his office. Unlike everywhere else he had been that day, the air in his office was cold and stale. To an outsider it would appear nobody had entered the office in years.

I live on the hottest planet humans have ever settled, yet my office would suggest I live in the arctic, Lord Young thought. He presumed the reason his office was so cold was because of the fact that the air conditioning was switched on automatically every morning and he was never in his office to turn it off himself.

That morning he only did a quarter of the work he usually got done. He was too busy anxiously waiting to hear an update on the voting booth situation from Adina, Ghoad or 'Todd'. Pulling a little metal sphere back, he then proceeded to watch the spheres in his Newton's cradle go back and forth. There was so much to do, so Koris decided to do nothing.

Finally, after two agonising hours, Adina opened the door to his office.

"Wow, she laughed. "You've been productive."

Young ignored her statement: "Any updates?"

"Ghoad's going to pick up Todd Arden now, " she informed him in Mandarin. Koris could hear a small amount of anxiety in her tone.

"You think the man is going to freak out when he sees Ghoad, don't you?" he asked her.

"I'm mentally preparing myself for that to happen."

"So am I, " he sighed.

"Maybe, " she began cautiously, "we wouldn't be having this problem if you had just sent any another qualified guard."

Koris scowled. "Ghoad shouldn't be given any less work just because she's a s

svellik had a hard time getting around the letters 'r' and 's' as there were no letters of any match in the svellik language, but he still found her speech pattern annoying. This raised the question: why had the humans translated her species name to 'svellik' when their name was more along the lines of 'ngvellik'? Even the name of the great star, Jhard, had not been translated properly, and that was one of the most important icons in svellik religion. That was also why the svellik hated people who 'corrected' others who referred to the svellik as bugs even though they were calling them an equally offensive term.

"… but when I rrreturrrned it appearrred that a downtownerrr had sssnuck in thrrrough the window and had usssed a sssharrrp piece of metal to ssslit Todd Arden'sss thrrroat. When I came acrrrossssss thisss ssscene, the downtownerrr was in the middle of carrrving sssomething into Todd'sss chessst. I shot the downtownerrr, of courrrssse."

"And how did your wing get broken?" he asked out of curiosity. He felt there was something not quite right about Ghoad's story.

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